Destinations You Should Try to Visit on A Holiday at the Eastern of Indonesia


Hi there! Its been so long since the last time i talk to you, peeps. How is it going? Hows life? Have you been on a travel lately? Did you spend your holiday well? Now now, too many questions in the beginning. I’m sorry, its because i’ve missed you guys a lot! Anyways, as the 2018 flew by that fast, holiday went along as fast as 2018 did. But, dont you still got time left to go on a short holiday right? If you do, these are the destination you should try to go on a holiday at the eastern of indonesia. But if you dont, worry less, you still got to save these as your travel wishlist. First of all, why does it have to be at the eastern of indonesia? Mainly, its because the beautiful scenery they offer is no less than another. And then, its because why not? If you got time to explore the eastern of Indonesia, you definitely should go. These are the destinations you should try to go on a holidat at the eastern of indonesia, check it out

First, its called Pulo Cinta Eco Resort and Ora Beach Eco Resort.

Pulo Cinta is located at the Southern Beach of Gorontalo. This island is named after the shape of the island itself, a heart. In this island, there are 15 cottages with floating cottage theme.

As for the Ora Beach Eco Resort is located at Seram Island, Maluku. Loads of tourists said that this island is similar to Bora-Bora.

Both the Pulo Cinta and the Ora Beach has the same theme, floating cottage that allows us to enjoy the sea directly from our room. These islands are just perfect for those who wants to get away from the dense activity.

On the second list we got, Mandorak Beach.

This beach often called as the hidden paradise which located at East Nusa Tenggara. Its called so, because the beach itself is in the remote area with the limited access so that not many people knows about this beach. You can also do a surfing in this beach, because of the high waves. If this is what attracts you the most, then enjoy and dont forget to be careful always!

On the last one, we got Satonda Island.

Actually, this is the unique Island that located at West Nusa Tenggara. And why does it called unique? So, this island has the beautiful lake in the middle of it with the salted water in the lake. Legend has it, the lake is formed because of the Satonda Mount’s eruption long long time ago. At first, that lake in the middle of the island had the fresh water in it. But then, after the eruption of the Satonda Mount and the tsunami that caused by its eruption, brings the sea water deep into the Lake of Satonda. This beautiful island offers the prettiest scenery and the fresh environment and perfect for those who wants to get away for a little time.


Those are the list of the destination at the eastern of Indonesia, in my version of course. You still can enjoy your limited, easy, budget friendly holiday. How is it? You can visit this link, set your destination by create your own tour or see another tour choices by find a tour package. With just a click, you finally can enjoy the holiday and can be literally ready for welcoming the first day of work! Yaaay!

Altight. Thats a wrap!

I’ll see you on the next article, peeps. Adios!

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