5 Destination Hits in Bandung!


Bandung, besides being blessed by its beautiful nature, also by its creative and innovative residents, is an added value of this city. Bandung has never stopped creating a new trend, making people never feel bored to continue visiting it.

What are the hits in Bandung that you should visit? Pigijo Travel Planner recommend for you, below.

The Great Asia of Africa

Beautiful forest views with instagramable photo spots, plus a variety of interesting activities and delicious culinary, all you can get here. The Great Asia of Africa, a tourist spot on the rise in Bandung, located in the cool and beautiful Lembang, carries the theme of countries in the continents of Asia and Africa that have close relations with Indonesia. Among the countries that are raised in this place are: Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan, India, Turkey, Middle East, and the Archipelago. With a ticket for Rp. 50.000, you can get around these countries.

You can walk through a miniature South Korean village and take pictures in his signature Hanbok. Tasting Japanese street food while taking a photo with a Kimono, or going to the Indian area to try out the country's typical roadside snacks wearing a Saree. All of these traditional costumes can be rented for an hour and costs starting from Rp. 50.000 to Rp. 125.000, complete with make-up and hairdo.

You can also consult with astrologers in the Hong Kong area which are available every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. A chocolate making workshop at the Chocolate Factory is also here, but it is specifically for children only. If you are tired of walking around this large complex, you can relax for a while in a restaurant in the Turkish region, which is located on the banks of an artificial river.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes if you come here, and come in the morning because you can spend all day here.

Panama Park

Playing snow like being in Europe, you can do in Panama Park, a new family-friendly tourist spot in Bandung, located in a former factory land with an area of ​​around 4.000 m2, the name of this Panama Park often raises questions. But the origin of this name is actually simple, Panama stands for delaPAN duA liMA (825) which is the location address number on Jalan Jendral Sudirman number 825, Bandung.

The concept of recreation offered is a family entertainment venue consisting of an indoor playground and snow park. The playground consists of several rides at a price of around Rp. 50.000 playing every time. For Snow Park, the price for 30 minutes is Rp. 50.000, the following are the completeness of the jacket and boots.

Be sure to take advantage of this limited time by taking pictures with snow and try snow slides.

Sky Park Puppet Windu Panenjoan (WWP)

Located in Pengalengan which is about 45 km from the city of Bandung, Wayang Windu Panenjoan is a development of Wayang Windu Mountain Bike Park, a mountain bike sports area surrounded by a stretch of tea gardens. This place is located at an altitude of 1.800 meters above sea level, cool temperatures and often shrouded in mist, making you feel like you are in a cloud.

You can walk a bridge made of white pine along 100 meters, while taking pictures and watching the process of picking tea leaves, and at the right time, you can watch the sunset in this beautiful place.

WWP is created and managed by local residents. With an entrance fee of Rp. 10.000 alone, you have participated in the empowerment and independence of local communities.

Gunung Kopi Warung

The South Bandung region continues to stretch its tourism potential, and culinary tourism does not want to be left behind. Located in Ciwidey, not far from Kawah Putih, this restaurant serves not only coffee, but also a variety of delicious western and Indonesian food.

With an interior design dominated by wood, Warung Kopi Gunung looks like a cabin in the middle of the forest. Surrounded by pine forests and the scent of fresh leaves, as well as cool cold air, you will definitely want to linger here. Every corner inside the room and outside the garden, is very interesting to be used as a background photo.

With a very reasonable food price and a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere, you should enter Warung Kopi Gunung in the whiskey of tourist destinations in South Bandung.

White crater

Like in another world. That was the first time that crossed while witnessing beauty White crater. Greenish water surrounded by white barren hills, and sometimes shrouded in mist, is actually a sulfur crater lake filled with puddles of rainwater.

Often used for prewedding sites, you can also capture photos in some interesting spots. If you want a little adventure, you can go through the caves of the former sulfur mine or trekking to Patuha Crater, located 600 meters not far from the location of the White Crater.

Located 50 kilometers south of Bandung with a distance of approximately 2 hours, you can use a day tour Pigijo have prepared, to help you get the best experience on your journey.


Written by Melisa Oktavia

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