5 Haunted Tours in Bali


Bali is not only known for its natural beauty, the people who hold their traditions and culture rich are one of the uniqueness that is owned by Bali. In every aspect of Balinese daily life, rituals and customary procedures also guide their lives. This makes a lot of myths and beliefs in the occult develop in the community, and continue to be believed until now.

If you have an adventurous spirit and like to visit places that are not normally visited, there are some haunted places in Bali that can interest you. Pigijo Travel Planner review it for you.

Festival Park

Located on Jalan Padang Galak street, the biggest amusement park located in Sanur has been neglected since the 2000s. Initially founded with the concept of an amusement park, but never finished being built until now abandoned into a building that slowly began to collapse. This place has a creepy aura and feels haunted upon entering it.

A place that resembles a ghost town is known to have a mystical story and frequent sightings. Once after a failed construction, this place is used as a crocodile maintenance. But because of something invisible, the crocodiles here instead prey on one another. Even though now those crocodiles are gone, it is recommended to remain vigilant while there.

Underwater Pemuteran Temple

This temple is very unique because it is located on the seabed around the coast of Pemuteran Village. Discovered by an Australian citizen named Chris Brown in 2005, the Pemuteran Temple is said to be haunted because of the frequent sightings of spirits while diving around it. In addition to the mystery that surrounds this place, murky water and low visibility make the diving area dangerous here. You should think twice before diving here, yes.

Temple in Karangasem

The temple, located in the village of Tista, Karangasem, Bali, holds a mystery that has not been solved until now. It is said that this temple continues to change as if it was not completed, and who changes the location of the stones in the temple every night is unknown to the person.

The original name of the temple which is decorated with various statues and foothills is unknown until now. Residents around often find the appearance of a woman sitting on the wall of the temple, and for the residents who pass often get interference from the spirits who guard this place. It's scary, isn't it?

Pi Bedugul Hotel Awful

Pi Bedugul Hotel was built in 1997 and stalled in 2007, until now its construction has never been resumed. The hotel, which was built by Tommy Soeharto, was reportedly stopped because there were many accidents involving workers who built the hotel. The construction phase has already taken place 80 percent, all the ornament ornaments and statues have been installed, even the toilets, beds and elegant reception have been completed, making this hotel similar to the "ghost palace".

Reportedly this place is haunted by the spirits of workers who died during the construction of the hotel, and the ghost of a beautiful woman with oriental hair and shoulder-length hair that often bothers young people passing around the hotel. In addition, the locals often hear the crowd at this place at night. Although now it is overgrown with grass and wild plants that make this place resemble a haunted forest, you can see traces of the beauty of this hotel.

Sakah Baby Statue

For most Balinese people, of course no stranger to the existence of a giant baby-shaped statue at the intersection of three Jalan Raya Sakah, Batuan Kaler Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. The baby statue of Sang Hyang Brahma Lelare symbolizes the birth of humans on earth. But regardless of its philosophy and manifestation, this statue is more famous for the mystical stories that surround it. Many people often hear the sound of crying babies when passing through this statue, especially during the full moon and other holy days of Hinduism.

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