Gokil! 5 Beach You Must Visit in Jayapura


Papua is identical with the island of Wagieonya or also known as Raja Ampat, but in Papua there is not only that, you know KawanJo. Papua has several interesting cities for you to visit, one of them is Manokwari, now this city has several attractive beach destinations KawanJo, let's check!

  1. Harlem Beach

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Harlem Beach is one of the beaches in Jayapura Regency, more precisely in Tablanusu Village, Pepere District. This beach has white sand that stretches along the beach, combined with clear sea water. On this beach you can do activities like diving or just relaxing with family. Even this beach has a variety of interesting marine life for you to explore KawanJo.

  1. Base Beach - G

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Furthermore, there is the Base G beach, this beach is located in the Tanjung Ria area and has another name, Tanjung Ria Beach. This beach is one of the leading beaches in Jayapura, you know KawanJo, about 10 kilometers away from Jayapura city center and about 20 minutes away. This beach has also been a silent witness of the World War to 2 in 1944, the most interesting tour this one has beautiful natural scenery and is still beautiful and quiet KawanJo.

  1. Hamada Beach

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Third there is Hamada Beach, Hamadi Beach is one of the beaches in Jayapura Regency. For those of you who just stop by or just transit in the city of Jayapura, you can really come to this beach because it only takes around 5 kilometers from the city of Jayapura, you know. Not only the Base-G beach which has a history with World War 2, but this one also has the history of World War 2 KawanJo, and it is located across the street so you can directly access it KawanJo, with just 10.000 admission tickets. On this beach you can do activities like swimming, or relaxing and enjoying the nature that is presented by this beach KawanJo.

  1. Dok 2 Beach

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If you are visiting Jayapura don't forget to visit the beach in the center of the city, KawanJo, the Dok 2 Beach. This beach is a destination that is located in front of the office of the Governor of Papua Province KaawanJo, interesting isn't it? Not only that on this beach there are also permanent long chairs which are usually referred to as Kupang. Although not white sand, but this one is perfect to be used as a reference during the holidays, given its location in the city center and suitable for you who do not like to travel to a quiet place.

  1. Pasir Dua Beach

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Finally, there is Pasir Dua Beach, this beach has white and black sand that extends along the coast. This beach is located on Jalan Tanjung Ria, North Jayapura. This beach has clear blue water and has coral reefs that can be seen from above the water surface. Besides having a beautiful view, this beach is still beautiful and quiet, you know, KawanJo, it is perfect for those of you who want to disappear from the fatigue of the city for a moment.

Now those are some of the beach destinations that you must visit KawanJo, don't forget to click www.pigijo.com for booking your dream travel package KawanJo!

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