Around Indonesia Only With A Daypack


That day I went to a shop to buy a daypack with personal savings for more or less 1 years when I was a student where during those times finance was quite difficult between funds for continuing education and funds for personal needs.

Today is the third time I entered this shop to see Sabuah daypack which has long been my target, and Alhamdulillah daypack it still sits nicely on the top shelf of the named #EigerAdventure store Eiger Store Outdoor which is located on Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan, the city of Makassar.

Turning around, I counted the money back in my wallet, silently said

"I hope the money is enough, O Allah"

Alhamdulillah, my saving money was enough to make a proposal daypack eiger 35L type hikeholic that dream.eiger 35L daypack

Without asking for a plastic bag, I carried the bag with a million hopes that I hung on elementary school to surround each inch of this beautiful Indonesian earth with a daypack.

This is where my #BeraniTravelingwithEiger story begins ...

Around Indonesia Using the Eiger Hikeholic 35L Daypack

As time continued to roll like running water, I walked step by step through the land of Indonesia from one province to another.

I have watched hundreds of sunsets slowly sinking in the western horizon over the beautiful ocean in the Indonesian territory.

I have met thousands of people with different characters and languages, yes ... they are all Indonesian people who are one in diversity and beautiful in diversity.

Millions of seconds I have spent with the eyes of the heart and head to see firsthand my exotic Indonesia.

Of course all I spent together together daypack eiger 35L that I bought earlier from my savings.

5 The Most Memorable Province in Indonesia

Until now I call my backpack familiar as Mydaypack who have accompanied these backs and legs around Indonesia to the 20 province (14 blackberries).

Here is the most memorable province 5 ever explored with Mydaypack Eiger Hikeholic:

1. MT. Rinjani 3726 MDPL, Lombok NTB

The story about Rinjani is the same as the story about the exoticism of God's creation which is almost perfect, where the beautiful view of the crater from the top of Anjani is combined with the blue lake Segara anak which is a source of water in Lombok.

Rinjani Peak with Eiger Daypack

2. Bunaken National Marine Park, North Sulawesi

Talking about a park, surely everyone already knows and has seen the beauty of the park in general on the archipelago.

But this park is very special because it is located under the sea. The beauty of the park is because of its location in the golden coral triangle of the world. Therefore this park became Indonesia's first national marine park recognized by Unessco.

However, to see this park requires more than a fortune and great determination.

Bunaken exploration with a daypackBunaken underwater park

Its location in North Sulawesi, far from the capital, makes it difficult to touch. It takes careful preparation and planning to get here.

Luckily because all my belongings are always enough to go inside daypack This 35L.

3. Tebing Apparalang, South Sulawesi

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world, so it is not surprising that a variety of beach tourism began to emerge in this digital era.

One of the rising ones is Pantai and Tebing Apparalang, located in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.

apparalang cliffs

4. Borobudur Temple, Magelang

In addition to mountains and beaches, Indonesia is also like culture and historical values. Evidenced by one of the temples that still stands tall and sturdy in this city of Magelang.

Its name is Borobudur Temple which is also included in the World Wonder 7! This temple became one of the mainstay attractions of Indonesia that is in great demand both local and foreign tourists

Borobudur temple with hikeholic daypack

5. 0 Point Km Indonesia, Sabang

From Sabang to Merauke! (sing ~) Who does not know that song. I think all of them have memorized this Indonesian children's flagship song accidentally where there are two cities located at the very end of the map of Indonesia, namely Sabang and Merauke.

Sabang is a city located in Weh Island, the province of Aceh, to get here we need to take a boat from Ulee Lheue, Aceh to Weh Island.

From there then we will take a road trip to the top of 0 Km Indonesia to see sunset.

"truss why does it have to be sunset? "

Because the suset here is one of the most beautiful among the other sunset provinces in Indonesia. No wonder if every afternoon this place is always crowded by local and foreign tourists.

That was the story of #BeraniTravelingwithEiger, with the 35L Hikeholic #EigerAdventure daypack to 20 provinces in Indonesia. Furthermore, there is another provincial 14 still waiting to be explored with #Pigijoxeiger !!!

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