Viewing Travel Destinations in Gorontalo!


Gorontalo is one of the provinces on the island of Sulawesi, the province which is one of the northernmost provinces of du Sulawesi, which has an incomparable variety of natural and cultural beauty. Well, here are some natural tourism recommendations that you can visit in Gorontalo, check this out!

  1. Diyonumo Island


One of the tourist hits and recommendations that you must visit is Diyonumo Island. The island in the village of Deme 2, District of Sumalata, East Gorontalo has a green view that is soothing to the eyes and still empty of visitors so you can enjoy this island. this island is also quite instagramable, so for those of you who like photos this is really suitable for visiting this destination.

  1. Pulo Cinta Gorontalo


Furthermore, there is Pulo Cinta Gorontalo, this one island is a marine tourism object that offers natural views of the open sea with clear and clear and beautiful water. At first glance, this island is very similar to one of the countries in the Pacific, namely the island of the Maldives or Maldives. The reason it is called the island of love is because this one island is in the form of a symbol of love or love, so because of this, it is called Pulo Cinta. For those of you who are interested and want to visit this one place, you can visit Talimuta District, Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo. To get to this place you can use a fishing boat which takes about 30 minutes of travel, and you can spend 25 thousand per person for the ferry fee.

  1. Bongo Tourism Village


Bongo Tourism Village is one of the tourist villages in Gorontalo and its location is adjacent to the Walima Emas Mosque. In this one destination you can enjoy the atmosphere of a natural boarding school, asmaul husna pool, and also the scenery around the tourist village. This place also has adequate facilities, KawanJo, so you don't need to worry if you want to visit this place. for you who want to visit this one place, you can come to Batudaa Pantai District, Gorontalo Regency.

  1. Hiyaliyo Da'a Waterfall


Then there is Hiyaliyo Da'a Waterfall, this waterfall is one of the most visited destinations by tourists. This waterfall is located in Didingga Village, Biawu District, North Gorontalo Regency. This waterfall has an incredibly beautiful view of the waterfall. To get to this place you can take a bus from Gorontalo city with a trip of about 3 hours to Didingga village, then continue on foot for approximately 30 minutes to the destination. Even though the terrain is not smooth enough, don't worry, KawanJo because this place won't disappoint you.

  1. Dunu Beach


Finally there is Dunu Beach, Dunu Beach is a beach located in North Gorontalo Regency. This beach has beautiful white sand and calm beach waves so this beach is suitable for swimming and picnicking with family. For you who want to visit, you can come to Dunu Village, Anggrek District, North Gorontalo Regency and it is approximately 2 hours from downtown Gorontalo. Don't worry too, KawanJo because the road to this beach is good and adequate, so for you, the crew doesn't bother to go to this destination.

Now those are some mandatory destinations that you must visit in Gorontalo, don't forget to click for booking attractive travel package packages of your choice.


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