Nrip to Belitung? These 5 Destinations You Must Visit


Another rising star in Indonesian tourism, Belitung Island, which is famous for the beauty of the sea, is preening to welcome travelers from all over the world. In addition to the beauty of its clear beaches, fine white sand and beautiful rock structures along its coast, Belitung also has many other uniqueness that deserves scrutiny. The daily life of the people who are relaxed and calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city with all the traffic jams and nightlife, and still maintaining simplicity in every corner, makes you able to feel the life of authentic Malay and Peranakan people here.

Before being used as a background in the novel and film Laskar Pelangi, Belitung's tourism potential was barely heard and far behind its neighbor, Bangka Island. Although currently it still has limited facilities, it is certain that in a few years Belitung will become one of the main tourist destinations in western Indonesia.

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Traveling around Belitung Island

HAS Hanandjoeddin International Airport, is the gateway through the air to Belitung Island. Apart from local flights from Jakarta, this airport also serves direct flights from Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Airport provides a free shuttle to get to the center of Tanjung Pandan, as a cheaper alternative to airport taxis. Daily car rentals and online taxis can be found now, to help you explore Belitung Island.

Island hopping

The Raja Ampat miniature is a description of the beauty of the beaches in the Belitung islands. According to many people, the smoothness of the beach sand is the best in all of Indonesia. The sea is clear and shallow with relatively friendly waves, making snorkeling in its waters feel soothing and safe. There are several islands and famous beaches here, one of which is Galangal Island which is famous for its old lighthouse icon which was built by the Dutch colonial government in 1883. Another unique island is Batu Berlayar Island which is shaped like a ship from a distance with large granite stones arranged in a row that resembles the shape of an expanding sail. Batu Garuda Island and Pulau Pasir are other islands that you can visit too, each of which has its own characteristics and beauty.

These islands can be reached by boat rental that you can find on Tanjung Kelayang Beach and Tanjung Binga. Or you can use the day tour that Pigijo has prepared to help you get the best island hopping itinerary on Belitung Island.

Adventure on the Island

This small Belitung Island holds a lot of natural wealth and mines which unfortunately were not restored after exploration. One of the remnants of mining that causes beautiful "defects" is Kaolin Lake formed from the excavation of kaolin. The lake is bright blue in contrast to the white surrounding it, resulting in a spectacular view that you can now enjoy from the small boats available on the lake, for Rp. 25.000 for one trip.

Bukit Pangkuan in East Belitung is one of the family agro tourism spots on Belitung Island. This place is suitable for family tourism, but for a more challenging experience, you can do trekking from this place to several interesting spots. Open Pit or mining basin exploration results of tin mines is about 20 minutes from Bukit Pangkuan, forming a beautiful greenish lake surrounded by red earth hills, promising a different view from Kaolin Lake. Around this lake can be found a former tin mine cave that leads to the center of the earth, but you are prohibited from entering it for safety reasons. The uphill and tiring journey to this place will pay off by its beauty, once you get there.

Culinary to try

With the growing popularity of Belitung, its special food has become widely known by the public, and while here you are obliged to taste authentic Belitung food in its original place, it feels different from what you have ever tasted. Gangan, fish soup with fresh yellow gravy, complete with authentic spicy chili paste you can find at Timpok Traditional Restaurant in Tanjung Pandan City. In addition to the typical food, decoration and cutlery also still maintains tradition. Not only the seafood is delicious, Belitung is also famous for its coffee shops. If you often find Kong Djie Coffee at your place, try this coffee at its original shop accompanied by typical snacks that are difficult to find outside of Belitung. And another famous one is Mie Atep, yellow noodles with fresh sweet shrimp sauce, which is served with key orange ice, guaranteed to make you addicted.

Beautiful, calm and family friendly, making Belitung a tourist destination that is suitable for families, adventuring with friends or relaxing with a partner. Dare to travel and mean your trip together Pigijo Travel Planner, and get a memorable experience.


Written by Melisa Oktavia

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