Frequent Vacation to Malang? 5 This Destination You Must Never Have Visited


The city of Malang has a history that can be stretched back to the pre-historical era, Hindu - Buddhist karaeling, the Islamic sultanate era to the Dutch and Japanese colonial era. The area which is surrounded by mountains and flowed by the second longest river on Java Island, the Brantas river, is an attraction for many people to occupy this area. But what makes Malang a modern city like now is the Dutch Colonial. They liked the cool climate and natural beauty of Malang, which they likened to the Switzerland of Java, and because of that, they built various facilities for Dutch citizens.

Now Malang has become one of the favorite tourist destinations since the construction of Jatim Park 1 and 2, then followed by Jatim Park 3 which is equipped by hotels and apartments. Another reason is, because of the increasingly famous tours to Mount Bromo, more and more people are making Malang as a point of departure. Batu Malang tourist attractions, which had always been a resting area for residents around East Java, are now starting to clean up and have prepared many reliable tourist attractions that are crowded. Supported by the availability of direct flights from Jakarta and new toll access, many travelers have made it easier to come there so that Malang increasingly shows its existence in the world of Indonesian tourism.

Many tourist attractions in Malang are very familiar and maybe you've visited. But do you know the place Pigijo Travel Planner tell me below?

The colorful village of Jodipan

Before 2016, you might not be able to imagine how a slum village located in the Berantas River Basin could turn into a tourist spot. Thanks to collaboration from the community, students of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang, the TNI, local artists and paint companies who donated 3 tons of paint to turn this village into a clean and beautiful village, Jodipan Village transformed into a beautiful work of art.

In the past, the community used to litter, but now there is hardly any trash anywhere. Villagers also get additional livelihoods from opening stalls, providing toilets and selling souvenirs. You can take pictures in some interesting spots and experiment to take unique angles in this place. Some locations that can be visited are Jambat Embong Brantas, where you can take the village backgorund from afar; Hallway Umbrellas, and 3D mural paintings.

Kajoetangan Heritage Village

The location of this place is in the old area of ​​Malang City Oen's ice cream shop the legendary ones are. Inaugurated in 2018, not many people know about the existence of this Heritage Village.

In Kajoetangan Heritage Village there are many old houses that are still well maintained. There are about 30 places that you can visit and each has historical information in front of the building. Besides you can learn the history of Malang, this place can be an interesting photo spot.

Batu Onsen Resort

No need to go all the way to Japan to go to a hot spring or onsen, because in Batu Malang there is a resort that provides it. Surrounded by pine forests and Japanese gardens, this place feels very peaceful and soothing. The resort has 25 beautiful looking villas, consisting of 2 or 3 rooms and each is equipped with a private hot tub.

But if you do not wish to stay overnight, you can soak in a public pool separated between men and women, each with a capacity of 20 people. Here also rent out kimono for you to take pictures just by paying Rp. 150.000 complete with slippers, makeup and hair. If you don't want to do both, you can relax while enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine while looking at its natural beauty.

Pura Ismoyo Jati Bale Kambang

Balekambang Beach is a beach that is quite well known in Indonesia and is one of the first beaches in Malang to be explored as a beach destination in Malang. On this beach there are 3 stone islands named after puppet characters, namely Anoman, Wisanggeni and Ismoyo. On Ismoyo Island, there is a Hindu temple place of worship connected to a suspension bridge, called Puri Ismoyo Jati.

Although taking references from the Tanah Lot temple which is also on the rock island, Ismoyo temple has different characteristics from the Hindu temple on the island of Bali because it looks more similar to the East Java temple. You can take interesting photos against the background of this temple, especially at sunset. Another good time to visit, is when various Hindu religious ceremonies and offerings are held to the sea.

Panji Bokor Museum

Panji is a classical Javanese epic that tells of heroes. This story has many derivatives and has spread throughout the Southeast Asian region with each country having its own version. Because the Panji story covers many countries such as Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, the museum also has an international collection.

You can find out the history of the city of Malang from the dioramas displayed in a modern and interesting setting. In addition there is a neat swimming pool with a temple gate as the background, and a small waterfall is also interesting for you to visit after finishing seeing the museum collection. On certain days, there are art performances in this place that you can check the schedule through social media.


Written by Melisa Oktavia


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