Not Only Ora Beach, Central Maluku Has a Destination You Must Visit!


Maluku is a province that covers the southern part of the Maluku Islands, Indonesia. Central Maluku itself is one of the regencies in Maluku and the capital city of Masohi is on Seram Island. In this district, there are several interesting tourist destinations, one of which is Ora Beach on Seram Island, what else is there in Central Maluku besides the well-known beach? Let's check below.

  1. Gumumae Beach


One of the beaches on Seram Island, namely Gumumai Beach, Gumumai itself means "let's get together" and this place in Amahai is very suitable as a place for KawanJo's refreshing. In fact, this beach has been known since the Japanese colonial era, and it is said that this beach is used as a resting place for forced laborers, you know, KawanJo, is it unique isn't it?

  1. Kassa Island


Next there is Kassa Island, this one island is located close to Seram Island, which is located in Piru Bay. On this island you can enjoy views of white sand beaches combined with blue water in the middle of the island of green trees, refreshing KawanJo. Not only that, you on this island can also do diving to just enjoy the attractive underwater scenery.

  1. Osi Island


Then there is Osi Island, this one island is also around Seram Island. Even though the islands around Seram Island seem small, don't worry about the beauty of KawanJo because you can enjoy a group of small islands connected by wooden bridges that make the scenery more interesting. On this island you can also enjoy the underwater scenery that is no less beautiful than the islands in other Central Maluku.

  1. Manusela National Park


On the island of Seram, it's not only about the beauty of Ora Beach, but there is also another underwater beauty that you need to try, Manusela National Park. Even this object is one of the must-visit destinations in Maluku KawanJo, has a hill topography, 6 mountain fruit which is popular for climbing and has a variety of flora and fauna riches. In this one destination you must really try diving because the underwater beauty here you should not miss KawanJo.

  1. Akohi Cave


Not only the beach or the island, KawanJo, in Central Maluku you can also enjoy the beauty of the attractive stalactites and stalagmites in Akohi Cave. This one cave is located in Tamilouw State, Amahai District, Central Maluku Regency and was discovered in 1983. Goa this one is also quite popular, you know, until some scientists from various countries and determine this cave as a natural cave that has the highest number of stalactites and stalagmites in the unique world, right?

Now that's some of the tours that you must visit in Central Maluku KawanJo, not only that but you can also enjoy other tours in this district such as the Kuako beach and other natural attractions.

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