Wow! This is the Tourist Attraction in Lampung, which is often the target of tourists

286 - When the name Lampung is mentioned, maybe what comes to your mind is a large animal with a trunk; elephant. However, make no mistake, because Lampung also holds a lot of tourism potential that is really promising. The city, which is identical to the Siger Tower, is increasingly becoming a game for travelers. Starting from the row of fantastic beaches to the rows of waterfalls that really spoil your eyes you can find here.

Well, for those of you who have plans to visit or are in Lampung, besides having to go to the Siger Tower, try to visit the following tourist destination 6, kawanJo. Come see the review.

1. Way Piling, Underwater Spots that Are So Photogenic


Way S stack is located in Umbul Buah, Kota Agung District, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung. This place is very suitable for you who are looking for underwater spots. Like in Umbul Ponggok Klaten, the Way Sound springs also offer the charm of underwater tourism that is so photogenic. The clear water makes this place look even more attractive and makes tourists want to bathe right away.

2. Puncak Mas Sukadanaham, Offering Landscape and Green Nature Views

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Sukadanaham Mas Peak is located in a hilly region, precisely in Sukadanaham Village, Tanjung Karang Barat District, Bandar Lampung Regency. To get to the location takes about half an hour from downtown Bandar Lampung. Carrying the concept of nature tourism and café, this tourist attraction is immediately able to captivate the hearts of tourists. Its location in the hilly region makes Puncak Mas Sukadanaham has a natural landscape that is so instagramable.

The best time to be in Puncak Mas is at night, where you can see the beautiful harmony between the city of Bandar Lampung, which is like a sea of ​​fireflies and the sky that is decorated with thousands of stars and the moonlight. Because it's built outside, so make sure you visit here when it's not raining, kawanJo.

3. Enjoy Epic Harmonization Between Mountains and Oceans at the Peak of Sea Binoculars


Muncak Teropong Laut is located in Muncak Village, Kelurahan Muncak, Teluk Pandan District, Pesawaran Regency. Its location surrounded by hills makes the air here feels soothing. Interesting things you can do here are photos with a background of mountains and a stretch of blue sea. This tourism object provides a number of instagenic photo spots, such as: viewing post, unique bridges, flower spots and so on. If you go to Lampung, make time to stop by here.

4. Upset Up Boyfriended? Try refreshing at Lembah Pelangi Waterfall


Pelangi Waterfall is located in Sukamaju Village, Ulubelu Subdistrict, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung. To get to this place, you have to go through the hills which is quite challenging. But, beauty does sometimes have to be achieved with difficulty, right? At Pelangi Waterfall you can enjoy a truly exotic natural panorama. The sound of water and the song of birds that shout to one another, plus the fresh air will make your mind and heart feel at peace.

5. Batu Lapis Beach, Cool Place to Contemplate


Batu Lapis Beach is located on the coast of Batu Balak, Rajabasa District, southern Lampung. To get to Batu Lapis Beach, you will need to travel about two hours from Kalianda City. Being here, you will be surprised by the contours and arrangement of rocks around the beach which are neatly arranged caused by natural processes. In addition, the swishing waves that chase each other and the fresh air in this place will make you not want to hurry home. This place is a cool place for you who want to contemplate.

6. Pasir Timbul, Lampung's Raja Ampat

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Timbul Sand can be said to be one of the prima donna tours in Lampung. Many travel services also offer packages to Pasir Timbul with varying prices. How come? This place does offer such an exotic view. Not only that, the atmosphere here reminds us of the beauty of Raja Ampat. To get to this place, you can just rent a boat owned by residents around at affordable prices. The facilities provided are relatively complete.

Well, that's the 6 tour in Lampung for you who again need an interesting recommendation as well as instagenic attractions. If there are other travel recommendations in Lampung, comment in the comments column. Or if you want to know tourist info in Indonesia and other interesting things, keep an eye on Happy holidays, friend.

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