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Dion is amazing, you can name Indonesian volcanoes and he could tell you that he has climbed most of them!

He climbed Mount Gede as his first volcano at 15 years old, and there he saw the crater of an active volcano for the first time. The rumbling sound, the sulphuric acid smell, the crater’s boiling water pond, all create a mixed sensation of dread, awe, and excitement at the same time. These feelings encourage him not to stop climbing volcanoes in in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa and has been his passion ever since…

He can tell you how amazing is the view from the summit of each mount he had climbed… and how much he wants to bring you to share the experiences… The panorama view is vast and spectacular with sky as your only limit… a thrilling as well as fascinating lifetime adventures!

Volcanoes are beautiful yet challenging… This bring him to an important note that safety is the upmost important. Considering it, he works hard to hone his survival skills by joining some mountaineering club in Indonesia. As time goes by and several climbs later, in 2012 he decided to build a hiking community – “Indonesian Mountains”, with almost 1000 active members up to date. The community provides mountaineering skills training as mandatory survival skill, from the simple basic land navigation, hiking logistics management, expedition team management, basic survival skills, search and rescue, and hiking advanced level skills to those interested to further their skills.

He makes mountaineering as an exciting experience, especially for the first-time hikers. They will be provided full range of supports starting from pick-up, porters, the guide, equipment rental, permits, stays and including preparation prior to hiking activities.

Another important note, he has professional mountain guide certification issued by Indonesian ministry of tourism as the Expert – highest level and officially registered as APGI (AsosiasiPemanduGunung Indonesia – member – Indonesian Mountain Guide Association.

He speaks fluent English as good as he speaks in Indonesian.

Writed by Medion ‘Dion’ Suryo Wibowo


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