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5 Must-Try Wellness Trips in Bali and Java to Calm Your Mind, Body, and Soul

It's time to improve yourself as a whole through a wellness trip that provides many health benefits

In recent years, especially since the pandemic occurred, the wellness-based trip business has grown more and more fertile in Indonesia. Ranging from affordable ones to extraordinarily luxurious ones, you can choose all of them as an alternative for a different trip than usual. Not only can it be a stress reliever, this type of trip will also make you feel like a new person.

How come. Here, you will get many soothing and healthy services for the body and mind, from spas, sports, clean eating, to spending the night in a place away from the crowds and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Of course it feels like wanting to stay longer in places like that! Not to mention on the way home. The mind so relieved!

So, let’s take a peek at 5 recommended places to do the best Pigijo version of the wellness trip that you can try when you’re getting tired. This is wellness trips in Bali and Java to calm your mind, body, and soul. But keep in mind, Kawanjo, you must still pay attention to health protocols while traveling, OK? Because after all, this must still be applied. Don’t let this wellness trip make Kawanjo unwell, you know. Just don’t.

1. Rumah Atsiri & Atsiri Glamping

Essential House
You will feel very positive when you are in the entire garden area and workshop area

Love essential oils? Did you know that one of the functions of essential oils is to reduce emotions, relax the mind, and relieve stress? Well, here, friends will be invited to enter the garden of plants that will be used as the basic ingredients for making essential oils. The landscape is very beautiful and will remind you of flower gardens outside Indonesia.

In addition to pampering the eyes and soothing the soul, this place located in Tawangmangu, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java also offers classes on making essential oils , which of course have a fragrant aroma that fills the classroom. Who doesn’t fall in love, try it! It’s beautiful, this place is filled with fragrant smells too. Duh , the more calm the conscience!

If Nicholas Saputra just likes it, what about Kawanjo?

Not only that, Rumah Atsiri also has a very zen glamping area. The exterior is simple like carrying a minimalist theme. While the interior is dominated by wood accents and white colors like houses in Japan and Scandinavia. Even Nicholas Saputra has spent the night here, you know ! When is your turn? Well, basically, if you’re getting bored, put this place in your Kawanjo’s e – scaping plan, okay ? Cuz it’s totally worth it !

2. Revivo Wellness Resort

Hidden in a shady, quiet and comfortable area of ??Nusa Dua

So, if you want to find something exclusive and very luxurious, you can move closer to an accommodation in Nusa Dua Bali called Revivo Wellness Resort. Here, the concept of wellness that is carried is really comprehensive until there is a consultation session with a psychologist, you know ! So the system, if you want to stay here, friend, is not booking a room, but booking the available wellness packages .

What does that mean? So, you just have to choose whether you want to take the wellness package for 3 days or 5 days. After booking , you will automatically get a solid itinerary starting from the morning when you wake up until the night before going to bed. The contents of the itinerary are activities that you can participate in to maintain a balance of body and soul. Starting from drinking herbal medicine, breakfast clean foods , yoga, to spas, everything is there.

Healthy food
For 3 or 5 days, you will eat healthy food whose calories and nutrients have been calculated by a nutritionist

In addition, bicycles are also provided for free use by guests who want to take a walk around the hotel. Anyway, if you stay here, Kawanjo will come out like being reborn. In the morning, drink 3 shots of fresh herbal medicine, the snacks provided are all healthy and rich in fiber, during the day you work out , then eat clean eating , and do a relaxing spa before going to bed.

Then, the workout class and yoga class were no joke. Completely guided by professional trainers and yogis who understand very well how to make the body fitter, clear the mind, and get rid of the negative content within so that comrade can become a more positive individual, at least after returning from this place.

Yoga here is really able to wash away all the negativity in yourself

Not yet finished with the facilities provided, Kawanjo can also get a consultation session with a nutritionist who will increase his understanding of the overall concept of wellness . So everything matters! From what you eat to what activities you do, you will understand within 3 or 5 days. No wonder the price of the package is very bombastic!

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3. Lerek Gombengsari Coffee Village

Coffee Garden
The right place to relieve stress

Located at the foot of Mount Ijen, this coffee tour is suitable for friends who love to drink coffee or are happy with the smell of coffee. Besides being able to walk around the coffee plantation while picking coffee beans in this thousands of hectares of land, you can also stop by the local resident’s Etawa goat farm where you can milk the goats too! Hihihi .. It’s fun, right ?

Besides being able to directly try or buy coffee powder or beans here, Kawanjo can also join a garden tour while getting to know the types of coffee, harvesting coffee, learning how to process coffee traditionally (roasting, pounding, until brewing), milking goats, and so on. enjoy local community entertainment such as patrol music and fire football. Exciting!

Etawa Goat
Traveling while milking goats? Wow, when will it be?

Why include wellness trips? Because walking around the coffee plantation while picking it, learning the process of making it, and trying to drink it on the spot are a series of activities that can calm friends’ hearts. Nothing but walking in nature ! Because this activity is one of the best things to reduce stress that accumulates in the head.

4. Dagi Abhinaya Hill

5 Must-Try Wellness Trips in Bali and Java to Calm Your Body
Enjoy the moment of sunrise while having a delicious traditional menu breakfast wrapped in thick Javanese culture

Managed by PT. Borobudur Temple Tourism Park , this place has a very beautiful sunrise view. Therefore, if you come here, you can choose the Dagi Abhinaya Picnic Breakfast package so you can have breakfast with delicious traditional menus with modern arrangements while waiting for the stunning sunrise.

Not only that, while enjoying a delicious meal, friends will also be accompanied by Javanese gamelan which will make the morning friends more comfortable. The air is cool because it is at an altitude of 275 meters above sea level. What’s even more fun is that you can also join yoga classes that are often held here. So, the soul is happier, the mind becomes calmer.

Yoga in Borobudur
Yoga while gazing at the natural panorama that soothes the soul

After all, the Borobudur Temple area has always been known for its ‘magical power’ which is believed to be able to make anyone feel more calm and down . That’s why many luxury accommodations offer wellness packages around the world’s largest Buddhist temple. In addition, because it is located in Magelang, it is not difficult to find organic food ingredients that further support the concept of wellness from within. What you eat is what you are ??

5. Amandari

Amandari room
Spacious rooms designed with magnificent traditional designs and interiors

Last but not least, this is the sultan’s inn which has a super complete and very classy wellness package. Being part of the Aman lodging group, which is known for being luxurious but still has the concept of being one with nature, Amandari in Ubud, Bali will truly immerse friends in the service, nature, and beauty of the accommodation itself.

Magnificently standing on the beautiful Ayung River, this resort with 31 suites and 1 villa has a beautiful infinity pool near the lobby that will support your friends’ moments of relaxation. How come. This first infinity pool in Ubud overlooks the Ayung River and has stunning views of the trees and sunset. Yes, it’s a real wellness retreat, baby !

Amandari Pool
Swim while looking at the Ayung River and beautiful trees in the first infinity pool in the Ubud area

Then because it is one of the best wellness resorts in Bali, there is no television in every room so that the quality of sleep for friends can be maximized than usual days. Yes , this kind of detail will not escape their attention because after all, the mind, body, and soul must have a balanced calm so that the wellness retreat is truly successful.

Amandari Who
Relax at one of the best spas in Bali

It doesn’t stop there, each room is also provided with an outdoor bathtub so that friends can enjoy spending the night at Amandari even more. Want to get busy? Do not worry because there are many interesting activities that can be followed. Starting from cooking local food menus with local residents, doing yoga or meditation through the packages offered, spas, rafting on the Ayung River, to trekking and cycling. All fun!

Amandari cooking class
Learn to cook traditional Balinese dishes with local residents

So there’s no need to doubt, you will get a lot of relaxation experiences that are MORE than usual. Because with the price offered, the experience that you will get is of course very in accordance with the budget spent. Even though the price is exorbitant, this secluded accommodation knows very well what they have to do to make friends feel calmer.

Check out the interesting tour package info here.

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