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3 Largest and Most Luxurious Marine Vessels in Indonesia, Let’s Try it

Traveling by boat will provide a different experience. There's nothing wrong with trying.

As a maritime country, ships should be the main transportation in Indonesia. Kawanjo needs to know that the sea area throughout the archipelago reaches 3,273,810 km². While the land in Indonesia is only 1,919,440 km². This means that the sea in Indonesia is twice as large as the land.

Unfortunately, for business trips, ships are not at the top of the minds of travelers. Both domestic and foreign tourists prefer airplanes or trains. The Central Statistics Agency noted that in 2020 the number of ship passengers was only around 1.2 million people. Meanwhile, during the same period, domestic flight passengers reached 32.4 million.

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The data above shows that for traveling, whether for tourism or otherwise, airplanes are preferred over ships. It is true that the shorter mileage makes airplanes more popular than ships. Second, airplanes are considered more comfortable and safer than airplanes.

The statement about traveling by ship is not safe and comfortable, it can now be debated. Because, there are various ships in Indonesia that have top-level facilities and can even be said to be luxurious. Amazingly, the ships were not cruise ships but ordinary transport ships.

If Kawanjo asked, what kind of ship? calm down, we will give the leak in detail. It is guaranteed that after reading this article, Kawanjo will be amazed and get new views about traveling by ship. Because, if Kawanjo has free time while traveling, it is obligatory to take a ship to see the beauty of Indonesian maritime affairs.

Come on, don’t linger any longer, these are the three most luxurious, largest and most comfortable ships sailing in Indonesian waters:

1. Pearl Sentosa III

Sentosa Pearl Ship

A private shipping company in Indonesia, Pt Atosim Lampung Pelayaran (ALP), made a big breakthrough. They launched a giant ship for passengers. The ship will be used to smooth the sea highway program that is being launched by the government.

The ship is Mutiara Sentosa III. This ship has a length of 160 meters. You can imagine the size of this ship, right? Even Mutiara Sentosa III is called the largest ship in all of Indonesia. The ship, which has been operating for the past few years, sails through the Tanjung Priok route to the Panjang Port of Lampung.

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According to information, Mutiara Sentosa III can accommodate 925 passengers and 200 large to small vehicles. Not only long and wide, the Mutiara Sentosa ship is also luxurious. On this ship there are restaurants, children’s playgrounds, and various classes of lodging. The ship is also equipped with a lift for passengers.

The cleanliness of the Mutiara Sentosa III ship is maintained very well. The bathroom in each room cleanliness is guaranteed. Passenger comfort has become the ship’s top priority. Kawanjo, so you don’t have to hesitate to choose this ship for a trip.

2. Dharma Kencana VII ship

Dharma Golden Ship

The Dharma Kencana VII ship is said to be equivalent to a cruise ship. This nickname comes neither far-fetched nor exaggerated. The reason is, the facilities on the Dharma Kencana VII Ship are really number one. Here there are bedrooms such as hotels, luxury restaurants to international standard children’s playgrounds.

Entering the Dharma Kencana VII ship is an amazing experience. When you just enter, Kawanjo will be shown luxurious gold ornaments like a palace. That’s just in the early stages, this ship’s room is more impressive, the atmosphere of the room is like a five-star hotel plus the window facing the sea will definitely make you amazed until you run out of words.

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Other facilities such as restaurants are also neatly arranged and decorated with luxurious ornaments. What’s surprising is that the prices for eating and drinking here are pocket-friendly, unlike on other passenger ships. Well, our explanation certainly made Kawanjo tempted to immediately board the Dharma Kencana VII ship. This luxury ship serves the SurabayaMakassar PP route.

3. Labobar Motor Ship

Labobar Ship

PT Pelayaran Indonesia (PELNI) does not want to miss providing the best service for passengers. Their hero is the Labobar motor boat. This ship is one of the largest in Indonesia. The Labobar ship can accommodate 3000 passengers plus nine large containers.

The size of the ship, which has been operating since 2004, is 146.5 meters long and 25.3 meters wide. Labobar has four classes with varying prices. Although a mass transport ship, Labobar Ship maintenance is very good. The ship facilities for the Surabaya to Jayapura route are included in the comfortable and safe category. In fact, some travelers who have more time choose to take a trip with the Labobar boat. One of the most favorite routes is SurabayaBalikpapan .

Those were the three largest and most luxurious ships in Indonesia. Now is the time, Kawanjo, to see our interesting tour packages here .

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