8 Surfing Spots In West Indonesia, Including World Surf League Krui Pro 2022 Venue
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8 Surfing Spots In West Indonesia, Including World Surf League Krui Pro 2022 Venue

Besides surfing spots in west Indonesia, Lampung is popular for beach vacations due to its beautiful and enchanting beaches. Let's plan a trip there!

The tourism industry has said that it wants to expand internationally, and one method to do so is by hosting an international conference. For instance, the Krui Pro International Surf League (WSL) Championship held in Tanjung Setia Beach in West Coast, Lampung from June 11-17, 2022. To my surprise, many of Lampung’s beaches offer solid waves for surfing. In a hurry, let’s head to the surfing spots in west Indonesia, where you’ll find a number of beaches that are popular with surfers.

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Two hundred and fifty surfers from sixteen different countries showed up. They compete to be the first to the finish line while riding waves that can reach heights from 7 meters up to 200 meters. It’s no secret that surfers from all over the world go to Tanjung Setia Beach to show off their skills.

Gorgeous West Coast Beaches in Lampung.

The district’s western coastline is where you might find 8 recommended surfing spots and some of Lampung Province’s nicest beaches. Thus, Tanjung Setia isn’t the only option for surfers. Every one of them has an endearing charm that puts people at ease once they enter the area.

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Perhaps Kawanjo feels the same way, hesitant to return home after a trip to Lampung. Putting up with the beach’s undeniable charm.

These 8 recommended surfing spots are so great that surfers and vacationers will be hesitant to head back home.

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1. Karang Nyimbor Beach

surfing spots in west Indonesia
Surfing spots in west Indonesia, Karang Nyimbor Beach.

This is another popular surfing destination on the West Coast of Lampung, and it is still on the same line as Tanjung Setia beach. Even if the waves aren’t as big as Tanjung Setia, surfers still look forward to coming here. Karang Nyimbor beach only gets waves of up to 6-8 metres.

One of the many beaches on Lampung’s West Coast, Ujung Bocur (also spelt Ujung Bokor) provides a stunning vista. So that, Kawanjo have many options besides just surfing. Such activities as strolling along the shore or simply lounging in the sand fall under this category.

You can find this beach in the Pesisir Selatan District of the West Coast Regency, which is where Kawanjo should travel to.

2. Labuhan Jukung Beach

surfing spots in west Indonesia
Surfing spots in west Indonesia, Labuhan Jukung Beach.

On the western coast of Lampung, Labuhan Jukung Beach is the next greatest option for surfers. Surfers and spectators of waves often frequent the region. Put another way, even the most skilled surfers would be in over their heads on these waves.

Labuhan Jukung beach offers more than just fun in the waves, however. Especially when evening approaches. When the setting sun illuminates the clean section of beach, it will be a sight to behold. Add to that the shimmer of the ocean’s golden waves, and it’s a winning combination.

More caution should be exercised if little children are accompanying you. You can’t let the allure of nature make you forget about your own safety.

The beach at Kampung Jawa in the Pesisir Tengah District on the West Coast is where you need to be right now.

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3. Walur Beach

surfing spots in west Indonesia
Surfing spots in west Indonesia, Walur Beach.

The waves at this West Lampung beach are much smaller than the previous beaches. Because of this, Walur beach can be visited by families with young children.

Walur beach is a good place to chill out for surfers. Leave the surfboard on the ground and take in the scenery.

Because an evening visit is most enjoyable. This natural artwork that cheers you up at night reassures your soul with its composition of grass and coconut trees lining the shore.

Beachgoers in Lampung Province can find Walur Beach at Walur Village, Pesisir Tengah District, Pesisir Barat District.

4. Tajung Setia Beach

surfing spots in west Indonesia
Surfing Spots In West Indonesia, Tanjung Setia Beach.

This beach on Lampung’s western coast is perfect for the World Surf League. This beach is well-known not only for its exceptional waves in terms of height and length but also for its breath-taking scenery.

White sand and calm, blue water characterise this gently sloping beach. Kawanjo will feel at ease in this environment because to the combination of the clean air and the shade provided by the existing rows of trees. Especially as the evening progresses. There is a palpable change in the air.

This beach is great for a variety of activities, not only surfing. Remove the mat and expose Kawanjo’s feet to the fresh sand. Kawanjo might occasionally come upon beach-going marine creatures.

This beach is located in Way Jambu Village on the southern coast of the West Coast. About 273 kilometres from Bandar Lampung, the provincial capital. The trip should take around 7 hours.

5. Pisang Island

surfing spots in west Indonesia
Surfing spots in west Indonesia, Pisang Island.

It is an island that separated from the rest of Krui. You’ll need a speedboat or a boat that can hold up to fifteen to twenty people to get to the island. Kawanjo might be lucky enough to spot a school of playful dolphins swimming by throughout the journey.

once you’ve made it to the island, you can finally demonstrate why its beaches are so appealing. Stunning beach with powdery white sand and gin-clear water. As of right now, there is no sign of any pollution in the air. Kawanjo can take in the scenery while dining on local fare from the stands set up just for this purpose. Typical dishes from Lampung include taboh fish curry and Surabi Cakes.

6. Batu Tihang Beach

surfing spots in west Indonesia
Surfing spots in west Indonesia, Batu Tihang Beach.

This popular surfing site on Lampung’s western coast is also a great place to take photos because of its unique scenery. That’s right, there are several rocks in and surrounding Batu Tihang beach. The coral, which may reach heights of up to 20 metres, is the most notable and might serve as a tourist attraction.

There are rocks to the left of the beach that border the river that will soon flow into the ocean. accompanied by the natural orchestra of wind caressing the lined trees, river flowing, and distant seas crashing. Kawanjo will be unable to force himself to leave such a pleasant setting.

As an added bonus, the shoreline here is quite broad. So, it is still safe to sit back and relax, even though the large waves are on their way. Or, you can take in the sights of the beach by viewing them through the lens of your camera.

Batu Tihang Beach’s proximity to a major road is another perk. Its convenience is simply astounding. Exactly in Karang City, Pesisir utara District, Pesisir Barat District.

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7. Mandiri Beach

surfing spots in west Indonesia
Surfing spots in west Indonesia, Mandiri Beach.

Anti-mainstream! The beach on Lampung’s western coast is unlike any other. Why? Because the sand is black, not white like the others.

Despite this, it still has a lot going for it because of its stunning scenery. Kawanjo’s expansive coastline is perfect for picnicking and gazing out over the water. Sports like beach volleyball and jogging, which Kawanjo may be interested in, are also perfectly fine. Due to the steep incline of the shore, obviously.

Mandiri Beach is located in Balai Kencana Village, Krui Selatan District, Pesisir Barat District, Bandar Lampung, Lampung.

8. Melasti Beach

surfing spots in west Indonesia
Surfing spots in west Indonesia, Melasti Beach.

Once you step upon this shore, Kawanjo will first encounter the temple. This active religious structure is now open to the public as a tourism destination. Even more so when religious ceremonies are being held on Melasti beach.

Yet, like the other beaches on Lampung’s West Coast, the scenery in Melasti is stunning. The crimson hue of the temple, though, gives the area a distinct Balinese flavour that sets it apart.

There is no cause for alarm, as this beach is actually quite near to the Balinese settlement of Pekon Marang. They, the Balinese Hindus of Pesisir Barat Regency, have their annual Melasti ceremony here, on this beach.

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Kampung Inggris LC

The eight beach excursions on Lampung’s West Coast have been successful at luring surfers to the area, many of whom are competing in international surfing competitions. The natural scenery is stunning, which makes you want to spend more time in the area. The government’s plan is to improve the country’s economic situation by increasing the appeal of tourist destinations there.

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