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3 Hidden Gems in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Tourism in the City of Students just like that? Try stopping by these 3 hidden gems in Yogyakarta!

Yogyakarta is a tourist destination for travelers both from within and outside the country. Because this province has a myriad of interesting places to visit. Some of them are famous all over the world. Some of them are hidden gems in Yogyakarta. Aka hidden paradise that has not been visited by many people. For those who want to find peace while traveling, this 3 hidden gems in Yogyakarta can be an option. Here are the options:

1. Luweng Sampang Waterfall

Hidden Gems in Yogyakarta, Hidden Gem di Yogyakarta Air Terjun Luweng Sampang
One of hidden gems in Yogyakarta Luweng Sampang Waterfall

It turns out that Yogyakarta also has a Grand Canyon. Precisely named Luweng Sampang Waterfall. Both have the charm of a waterfall surrounded by cliffs with beautiful reliefs. This hidden gem in Yogyakarta is located in Sampang Village, GedangSari, Gunung Kidul.

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Since being on the initial road to the location, Kawanjo will be treated to exotic rocks. With a background view of the green and beautiful village of Sampang. From the parking lot, a trekking path is available in the form of neat steps. Wide and not steep with a declining position.

Arriving at the waterfall area, your eyes will be amazed by the scenery. A waterfall that falls from a height flanked by rock cliffs with relief. Because Luweng Sampang is called a seasonal waterfall, the swiftness of the water depends on the season. During the dry season, the water discharge will be small and vice versa during the rainy season.

Seasonal conditions also affect the depth of the waterfall reservoir. But even though it’s the rainy season, bathing in the Luweng Sampang waterfall pool is still safe. The bluish water makes it comfortable to play in water as much as you like.

But if you don’t want to get wet, Kawanjo can also play on the big rocks near the pond. Or you can also stop at the park near the waterfall. This park is equipped with photo spots with a beautiful scenic background. There is also a gazebo where you can relax or unwind.

2. Pengilon Hill

Hidden Gems in Yogyakarta, Hidden Gem di Yogyakarta Bukit Pengilon
One of hidden gems in Yogyakarta, Pengilon Hill.

The next hidden gems in Yogyakarta is Pengilon hill. A unique place which is a hill with a stretch of green grass. This hill is located at the foot of Mount Purba Batur at an altitude directly adjacent to the beach.

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From Pengilon Hill, Kawanjo can enjoy the beauty of the beaches that line the surroundings. Such as Banyunibo Beach, Watu Lumbung Beach, Wediombo Beach, and Siung Beach. It’s not enough just to look around while sitting still. Pengilon Hill offers the sensation of trekking as far as 1.5 km to reach it. Don’t worry about getting bored, as long as you don’t complain, the view is still a loyal friend to wipe away sweat.

Located in Tepus, Purwodadi, Gunung Kidul, Balong, Girisubo, Gunung Kidul Regency, Kawanjo can also set up tents here. Yes, camping on a comfortable stretch of grass with natural paintings is really fun. It is recommended to bring your own camping equipment. Because around the Pengilon hill there is no camping equipment rental available.

It could be because it hasn’t been touched by many people, making Pengilon Hill a cheap tour. It is enough to pay Rp. 5,000 plus the parking fee for two-wheeled vehicles of Rp. 2,000 and Rp. with 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles, Kawanjo can already explore the beauty of this hidden gem in Yogyakarta.

3. Watu Giring

Hidden Gems in Yogyakarta, Hidden Gem di Yogyakarta Watu Giring
One of hidden gems in Yogyakarta Watu Giring.

Hidden gem is a hidden paradise. Likewise Watu Giring which is located in Jelok, Sambirejo, Pacarejo, Semanu District, Gunung Kidul Regency. Being there will make yourself stunned by the artistic arrangement of the stones.

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This one object is actually a former limestone quarry that is no longer operating. Whether intentionally or not, the excavations left traces of stones that are terraced – levels like stairs. From a distance it looks like an ancient temple building. Small stones form the ornaments of the stairs. So it looks like a temple complex that looks exotic.

It will be more meaningful if what is enjoyed can be framed in a memorable portrait. Prepare the best poses with cool outfits to capture the exoticism of Watu Giring. The existence of a flower garden that the local youth organization strives for can also be an additional inspiration for Kawanjo’s photo content.

The view at Watu Giring is more fantastic at sunrise and sunset. The serene atmosphere will add calm and warmth. Portraits of the beauty of the dawn and dusk sky can be displayed chicly on social media.

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It is enough to pay sincerely plus parking fees, Kawanjo can enjoy all the sensations at Watu Giring. Apart from that, easy access to get into it is also a consideration for frequent trips here.

The beauty of hidden paradise makes a place more calm and peaceful. But not arbitrarily, hidden gems in Yogyakarta can be the right choice for tourism. Behind the serenity and not yet famous of the objects above, it turns out that the charm is extraordinary. It’s worth visiting soon for your next vacation!

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