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Chicken Church to Punthuk Situmbu, 5 Tours Around Borobudur

It turns out that other popular tourist destinations are located close to the Borobudur Temple, which is known all over the world. Although the Chicken Church is a must-see, there are many more sights in the area that are equally as interesting.

Before discussing Chicken Church etc. without a doubt, Kawanjo will think about Borobudur as soon as you name the city of Magelang. How could it not be? This Buddhist temple in Indonesia has become a major draw for visitors from all around the world. Domestic and international travelers flock to these destinations. Borobudur was placed in the list of World Heritage Sites despite the fact that it underwent the largest restoration project ever undertaken between 1975 and 1982, thanks to the joint efforts of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and UNESCO.

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This temple, which houses the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of Buddhist reliefs, turns out to be even more alluring because of the abundance of Borobudur excursions that circle the area. Kawanjo can visit the following sites close to Borobudur Temple during your trip:

  1. Punthuk Situmbu
Wisata di Sekitar Borobudur, Chicken Church, Tours Around Borobudur
Tour around Borobudur Temple, Punthuk Setumbu

Punthuk Situmbu is the first attraction for visitors visiting Borobudur. You may get a great view of the sunrise from the top of this hill. The term “Nirvana Sunrise” describes this instant. Because of the way the sun rises behind the Borobudur Temple in this shot. In order to make the temple’s peak stand out against the crimson night sky.

Kawanjo had a long walk ahead of him before he finally arrived. as well as physical activity. So, even though you are exhausted now, you will feel completely rejuvenated once you reach your location and take in all the local attractions. True, the view from Punthuk Situmbu is stunning. Ideal for filling a photographer’s frame with an impressive pose.

Curiosity piqued? Stop by Kurahan, Karangrejo Village, Borobudur District, Magelang Regency, at the 4th kilometer marker on Jl. Borobudur Ngadiharjo. Kawanjo must arrive while it is still dark if you wish to watch the sunrise.

  1. Bukit Rhema Chicken Church
Wisata di Sekitar Borobudur, Chicken Church, Tours Around Borobudur
Tours of Borobudur, Bukit Rhema, and the Chicken Church are highly suggested.

Kawanjo can reach this one-of-a-kind location of the Chicken Church by traveling 2.5 kilometers from the Borobudur Temple. More specifically, in the Gombong Hamlet of Kembanglimus Village in the Borobudur District of the Magelang Regency. If Kawanjo visits the Chicken Church, he can ascend to the very top of the structure. From the tower of the Chicken Church, one might catch a glimpse of the sun rising over the horizon in all its golden glory.

Nonetheless, the nearby hill offers a breathtaking vista when the sun is up before midday. The Borobudur Temple in Indonesia is visible as well. Prepare to begin filming right now.

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  1. Svarga Earth
Wisata di Sekitar Borobudur, Chicken Church, Tours Around Borobudur
Svarga Bumi, tour around Borobudur Temple.

Svarga Bumi is a great area to relax and look for photo ops, and it’s not far from the Chicken Church. According to this theory, it is called Svarga Bumi, which translates as “heaven on earth.”

A highlight of this location is the panorama of rice paddies. Accessories for already established picture ops are included. To name a few: attractive pools, bean bag zones, swing sets, hanging chairs, and net beds. The floating breakfast is available even in Svargabumi, so Kawanjo can still take pictures of it for your social media accounts.

From here Kawanjo can also see Borobudur Temple as well as Mount Merapi, Mount Sumbing, and Menoreh hills. Interested in visiting?

Just come after or before visiting Borobudur Temple. Precisely on Jl. Borobudur – Ngadiharjo, Rice Fields, Borobudur, Kec. Borobudur,

  1. Balkondes (Village Economic Center) Bumiharjo
Balkondea Bumiharjo, tempat wisata di kawasan Borobudur, Wisata di Sekitar Borobudur, Chicken Church, Tours Around Borobudur
Balkondes Bumiharjo, a tourist spot in the Borobudur area.

When visiting the Borobudur area, the next stop should be at Balkondes Bumiharjo. Indeed, the government and citizens of Magelang oversee a large number of balconies. The objective is to boost the local economy by drawing more visitors and revenue to the town.

Bumiharjo is a close-by Balkonde. This village, just two kilometers from Borobudur Temple, makes for a fascinating detour. It’s as if guests over the age of 18 are encouraged to step back in time here. Through the use of classic playthings when they were young. Modern kids can also find entertainment in time-honored games like gobak sodor, crank, Sundanese manda, congklak, and others. Thus, they don’t put much stock in their technological abilities.

Kawanjo can take in the natural beauty of Bumiharjo Village and not just via the medium of traditional games. The area is rich in flora, including coconut, guava, rambutan, and papaya trees. Vegetables and tubers are included as well. In regions where this plant not only serves as a natural decoration but also as a food source for the locals.

After exploring the area, you can watch the production of tempeh, tofu, and sticky rice jenang in the Bumiharjo Balkondes neighborhood. It would be a shame to miss out on the easy process. Kawanjo can pick up some papaya-themed keepsakes at the papaya center, so don’t forget to get the produce there.

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  1. Rabbit Park
Wisata di Sekitar Borobudur, Chicken Church, Tours Around Borobudur
Rabbit park, tourist attractions in Borobudur and its surroundings

The Rabbit Park is the name given to the final tourist attraction in Borobudur’s neighborhood. Parakan Hamlet, Ngargogondo, Kec. Borobudur, Magelang Regency; still close to Language Village.

As the name suggests, Kawanjo and other tourists will encounter many wild rabbits in this area. This animal with the long ears can be approached directly by anyone, even Kawanjo. Taking pictures, bringing long beans about, and feeding them to animals are all viable options.

Don’t stress out over messiness. Due to the fact that the home of many Java and Java Australia rabbits is perpetually alert. To avoid unpleasant odors and feelings of discomfort.

What are you waiting for? The children will love spending time with those adorable rabbits.

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The Chicken Church and other nearby sights are just two of many possible diversionary activities for tourists visiting the Borobudur Temple area. Including additional Borobudur and area attractions would make the game more interesting. As one travels more, one has a richer perspective and a wider range of subject matter to photograph.

Additional intriguing travel resources are available here for your perusal. Kawanjo, I hope you have an amazing time!