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Sport Visa in Indonesia Will be Launched in March 2023

Sport visa in Indonesia will be released soon. Get all the details here!

Sport visa in Indonesia will be released soon to make it easier for visitors to attend the many international athletic events that are held there each year. Get all the details here!

Starting in January of 2023, a number of major international sporting events will be held in Indonesia. Following the success of hosting the F1 Powerboat race on Lake Toba and the World Superbike (WSBK) race in Mandalika, the country will host other international competitions including the U-20 World Cup and the Moto GP.

FIFA World Cup U-20, Piala Dunia U-20, Visa Sport, Sport visa in Indonesia
Sport visa in Indonesia for support U-20 World Cup.

This is a once-in-a-generation chance for Indonesia. These worldwide gatherings of enormous proportions may attract many new tourists to Indonesia. The Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim, has decided to introduce a sport (sports) visa to allow foreign fans to enter the country to watch their favourite teams play.

“for example, if there’s visitor looking for what type of visa they require, just google for it, and there you need a (sport visa)” said Silmy to the media crew at GBK, Central Jakarta, Sunday (5/3/2023) about sport visa in Indonesia.

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Sport visa in Indonesia
Sport visa in Indonesia for support sport event throughout 2023.

With the advent of the sports visa, the immigration paperwork process will be simplified for fans around the world, says Silmy. According to him, Indonesia risks losing out on tourism revenue if the arrival of supporters is kept down due to bureaucratic concerns.

In addition, many new visas, including a visa sport in Indonesia, are expected to be issued by the Directorate General of Immigration in March 2023. The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights is now working on a slew of new visas to ease the entry of overseas visitors. Silmy’s team is now working to create a consumer-facing solution that will simplify the application process in the future.

Hence, we will be releasing a number of new visas for international travellers this month, well ahead of the 100-day mark, as Silmy put it.

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By establishing this sports visa Indonesia hopes to encourage more tourists from around the world to visit the country and take use of its world-class athletic facilities. Foreign supporters are welcome not only at the preexisting international events, but also in any of Indonesia’s many popular tourist destinations.

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