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11 Unique and Anti-Mainstream Hotels for Staycation in Jakarta

Starting from Rp. 200,000/night, you can already stay at an aesthetically designed hotel in the capital.

If Kawanjo is playing in Jakarta or really wants a staycation in the city, then the hotels chosen by Pigijo below will make Kawanjo even more happy because of their uniqueness. Some are designed in Japanese style, some provide gaming stations, some are even made as comfortable as at home. Anyway, everything is unique and different from most hotels. Indeed, you could say, the prestige of five-star hotels has now plummeted since the emergence of these unique and cheap hotels. Because how can you not, the prices start from IDR 300,000! Without the need to spend up to millions of rupiah, anyone can stay comfortably accompanied by a homey atmosphere . Who doesn’t like it? The location is strategic too!

Therefore, take a peek at the hotels below, let’s go! Because apart from a staycation, Kawanjo can also use these 11 inns for certain event purposes. For example, as a family inn when there is a wedding or as an inn for an office team that is on a project . It’s fun, right ! Much more efficient and anti-mainstream too. Chihuy ! Now anything can be economical!

1. Yello Hotel Harmoni

Yello Harmoni
Fun design makes this hotel interesting to stay

As the name suggests, the main feature of this hotel is the bright yellow color that dominates the interior of the hotel. So , if you think this hotel is the same as most boutique hotels, then you are wrong because Yello Hotel is definitely more special. Even though it is a budget hotel, they provide a swimming pool and spa that can be used to pamper yourself.Not only that, there are also fun facilities for young people, namely the Game Station area where you can play games to your heart’s content, the Chill Zone area to relax with friends or family, and the Netzone for friends who need an internet connection. So guaranteed not to be bored, stay here! Kawanjo will also be greeted with an energetic and Instagenic hotel design.

Yello Hotel
Game Station zone that can be used to ward off boredom

Turning to the room area, each unit is decorated with special murals on the walls that will make anyone who sees it happy. Besides being able to improve the mood, these murals are also able to create an artsy impression that is fairly modern and contemporary in each bedroom. Therefore Yello Hotel is in great demand. The facilities and decorations are no joke!

2. Sakura Terrace Setiabudi

Sakura Terrace Jakarta
Seductive Japanese minimalist design

Located in a super strategic environment, precisely in the Platinum area of?Jakarta, Sakura Terrace Setiabudi in fact not only sells places that are close to anywhere but also sells interiors that are designed like a sweet and minimalist Japanese house. Then interestingly again, this place is actually not a hotel but a micro apartment  that can be rented monthly like a boarding house.With this concept, the use of space is highly optimized so that all needs can be properly facilitated. Building a mezzanine floor as an additional space is one strategy. So even though the room is relatively small, it doesn’t feel crowded because it is very well designed. The dominant color is pure white. Really comfortable!

Sakura Terrace
Aesthetic view of the hallway

Because it was built with the concept of a micro apartment , in each room there is also a kitchen for cooking. Not a pantry, you know! Facing directly towards Sudirman, the view from the cooking area becomes even more beautiful. Also equipped with a fairly large balcony decorated with fresh green plants, you can use this spot to take a break and take photos. Great!

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Why is it called the Platinum location instead of the golden triangle? Because Friendjo will have super close access to Sudirman, Kuningan, Bundaran HI, SCBD, airport train station, Sudirman Station, Trans Jakarta bus stop , and also MRT stops, all of which can be approached just by walking! So it’s really suitable for those who want to vacation in Jakarta but don’t want to pay for expensive hotels.

3. Des Indes Menteng

Des Indes Menteng
Relics of the colonial period that are still victorious

Located in the Menteng area, the Des Indes hotel comes with a different look. As one of the oldest hotels in Indonesia and a relic of the Dutch era, this hotel has a classic colonial design that is still maintained today, so many people consider it unique and vintage in modern times like today.

Hotel Des Indesi

The design per room is also quite luxurious with the dominance of perfectly graded green and white colors. Don’t ask about the size of the room, because for the price of only Rp. 500.00, the room at the Des Indes hotel is quite spacious, so it makes many visitors feel at home and become loyal guests at this hotel which also has many Instagenic spots.

4. Park 5 Simatupang

Park 5 Simatupang
Similar to hotels in Manhattan, yes!

Talking about aesthetic hotels, Park 5 Simatupang could be one of the most aesthetic hotels in Jakarta. The rooms are well designed and filled with brick and wood accents that make this hotel feel very homey and Pinterestworthy . The location is also pleasant. Located in the middle of the bustling Cilandak and Fatmawati areas, it is like being hidden in a quiet small street.

Park 5
The aesthetic room is really awesome!

The facilities it has are quite complete, from swimming pools to gyms , everything is there. Regarding the price, the start only starts at IDR 5000.00! How unpleasant. Nice design, close to everywhere, still in the city center but with a beautiful and quiet atmosphere, this hotel is included in the hidden gem category that you must visit.

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5. Nostoi

The outward impression is normal. Try going inside. Absolutely amazing!

Again, a hotel located in the Platinum, Karet-Brass area, Nostoi has a Japanese house design that is REALLY JAPANESE! Kawanjo will definitely like it because the minimalist design in the style of the State of Sakura that is put forward is indeed adorable. Not only that, everything is made functional in order to meet the needs of the guests.For example, the presence of a mini kitchen in the room, Smart TV with Netflix service, and a private balcony with a view of downtown Jakarta really makes Nostoi like a hotel with street prices, five-star taste! How about it or not, the price per room starts from IDR 400,000, you know . It’s fun, right ! Dompet friendjo was happy to know this. Hehehe !

Nostoi Hotel
Unique and rare, here’s the concept of a hotel like this in Jakarta

The design and interior of the rooms are also adapted to the ‘simple’ Japanese concept. The walls of the room were finished using the unfinished method so that it gave an industrial impression but still aesthetic while still maintaining the Japanese style that is predicted.

Nostoi . cafe
Not only the rooms, the cafe is also beautiful! Feels like being in Hokkaido.

Then, each room also has its own uniqueness. Homu+Suite is one of them. In this room, the friend’s bed can be shifted according to the needs in the room. If you want a spacious room, the couch can be shifted to the location you want. Everything is so flexible. If you want to have coffee or snack, all you have to do is come to the in-house cafe called Kohi, which has a menu of pastries, appetizers, and delicious desserts. Perfect stay !

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6. Rumanami Residences

11 Unique and Anti-Mainstream Hotels for Staycation in Jakarta

Next , this is what’s been busy on social media since 2020. Because from the outside, Kawanjo could already predict that ‘ there must be something great inside‘, Rumanami, who has the concept of an oval-shaped classic red brick house  , immediately had his own charm without being asked. If in Europe or America there are many buildings like this in all corners of the city, of course it is different in Jakarta .

11 Unique and Anti-Mainstream Hotels for Staycation in Jakarta

It’s no wonder that this hotel immediately became a point of interest for tourists and staycation hunters who like to find new, unique accommodations that don’t break their pockets. Guess the price per night? Only starting from IDR 300,000 only! Huhu hu.. How can a five-star hotel not worry if this is the story. Good lodging options at affordable prices are increasingly rampant and very worthy to be an option when on vacation.

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Then in addition to the anti- mainstream concept , this hotel is also quite beautiful with lots of fresh green plants surrounding the building. Not to mention the fast Wi-Fi facilities, restaurants that provide delicious menus, gyms , shared kitchens, and airport shuttle services. Everything has been well prepared by the hotel management. Surely comrade will feel at home!

11 Unique and Anti-Mainstream Hotels for Staycation in Jakarta

For the room area, actually there is no special design that is too wow . Maybe because it is stunning on the outside, the interior of the room is not so mainstay. However, if you stay here, the rooms with a dominant white color and a touch of black are equipped with minimalist-style wooden furniture, making the rooms here feel like home. Very comfortable!

7. Kuretakeso Kemang

Kuretakeso Kemang
Just arriving at the lobby already feels like I’m in Japan again!

Curious about the sensation of soaking in an onsen or Japanese-style hot spring pool? So you must stay at this hotel. Located in the Kemang area, this hotel is indeed thick with a Japanese theme that will welcome friends from entering the lobby to entering the room. In fact, you can even feel sleeping under the futons in some of the rooms!

Jakarta Onsen
Before going to Japan for real or wanting to be nostalgic when you’re in Japan, let’s dive into the onsen here.

Then if you want to soak in the onsen , you just have to ask the hotel guard where the hot spring pool is. Later, friend, just come and bathe there. Ooh , it’s delicious! When you’re done, walk around the hotel to see a collection of Japanese paintings and other decorations that will make your friends feel like they’re really in Dragon Ball Country.

8. Verse Luxe Hotel Wahid Hasyim

The room is spacious and nice, yeah

If you want to stay in an area near Tanah Abang, then this Verse Luxe Hotel can be the perfect choice. Not only does it have aesthetic and Instagenic rooms that make the stay more enjoyable, this hotel is also close to several shopping centers, the culinary area of ??Sabang and also important museums in Jakarta such as Monas and the Elephant Museum.

Hotel Verse
The dining area is also comfortable. Suitable for staycation with family

Entered in the boutique hotel category , Verse Luxe Hotel Wahid Hasyim has a very good and attractive design for all walks of life. The rooms are also comfortable and dominated by white and wood accents that make each room have a warm and romantic impression. For a budget hotel count , the rooms are quite spacious and pleasing to the eye. Perfect for a staycation or celebrating a special day here!

9. Posto Dormire

Posto Domire
Floating transparent pool! The best gimmick which is the most interesting point of this hotel

Most unique of all, this affordable hotel has a floating transparent pool that can be seen directly from the lobby. So whoever is swimming there can be seen from below. Located on the 3rd floor, this swimming pool immediately attracts attention, especially for children. The gimmick is so catchy that it becomes a selling point for this hotel.

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For the location, Posto Dormire is in West Jakarta close to Trisakti University. Don’t ask about the design, because from the start, this hotel has sold its unique design, where the lift is made of railroad sleepers. WOW ! Then there are lots of Instagenic spots in this place. Kawanjo will definitely be confused about where to take a photo because the spots are literally everywhere!

The rooms are also quite big and comfortable!

The rooms are good, the prices are cheap, the gimmicks are many, the breakfast food is delicious, and there is a rooftop too. All in one in this hotel. Really a decent budget hotel for friends to try! Although there must be more or less, but for a pocket-friendly price, this hotel is highly recommended by Pigijo . After PPKM is over, let ‘s go for a walk again with extra strict procedures!

10. La Boheme

La Boheme Jakarta
The front view is cute like a building in America

Back in the Setiabudi area, there is La Boheme which just opened in 2020. With a Boutique Co-living concept that has a bohemian interior style , this hidden gem in the middle of the city of Jakarta is a VERY MUST stay overnight. Although the price is quite above the standard boutique hotel , starting from IDR 800,000 / night, this hotel is indeed worth to book in every way !

La Boheme Cafe
Who doesn’t like to linger in this cozy cafe?

The color of the facade of the building depicts a beautiful eco-friendly atmosphere. This is what makes guests crazy because the concept of the building is very contemporary but still doesn’t leave a touch of greenery on each side where the front and exterior are decorated with beautiful vines.

La Boheme Setiabudi
The combination of white with pastel green and wooden furniture with rattan accessories, gives a strong feminine and bohemian impression to each room.

If you book a room here, you will immediately be asked if you want to stay for a short or long period of time ( short or long stay ). The longer you stay, the more special offers you will get. There are 4 types of rooms to choose from, ranging from Gypsy Superior Twin, Gypsy Superior Deluxe, Hippie Room  and  Boho Terrace Room . The four of them are very comfortable and you can say they have enough class.

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