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3 Hidden Beaches in Sukabumi that You Must Visit

Very beautiful, but still hidden. Come on, take a peek through here!

Sukabumi , especially Sukabumi Regency, is a tourist destination in West Java which is increasingly being visited by tourists. To get there, you have to travel approximately 4-5 hours from Jakarta by private or public vehicle. One of the most famous destinations from Sukabumi is Pelabuhan Ratu.

Besides Pelabuhan Ratu, there are many other beaches that are no less beautiful. However, these beaches are still hidden. So, Kawanjo really had to explore Sukabumi to find them!

Hidden Beaches in Sukabumi

Let’s explore Hidden Beaches in Sukabumi, to find them!

1. Citepus Beach

This beach is located on Jalan Cisolok, Pelabuhan Ratu. Citepus Beach is strategically located on the edge of the highway so it has a high attraction for visitors to stop and enjoy the beautiful panorama. This tourist destination has a wide stretch of white sand and big waves.

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At this beach, Kawanjo can swim, but can’t go too far. In addition, Kawanjo can also enjoy food at stalls around the beach and shop for souvenirs at the souvenir shop. Prayer rooms and toilets are also provided as facilities from the manager. If Kawanjo wants to stay overnight, Kawanjo can find cheap lodging easily, you know.

citepus beach sukabumi
Citepus Beach.
Source: oftenjalan.com

2. Hawu Coral Beach

The beach which is included in the most beautiful beach in Sukabumi is 16 km from the Pelabuhan Ratu Fish Market. To be precise, it is on Jalan Bayan which connects Sukabumi and Banten.

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This beach has a collection of rocks jutting into the sea. On the left is filled with rocks and hills as the tombs of Raden Dikudratullah and Raden Cengkal, spreaders of Islam. On the other side of the beach, you can swim, fish and sit back and enjoy the natural scenery. Lodging, places to eat and stalls are also not spared from the facilities provided on this beach.

karang hawu beach Sukabumi
Hawu Coral Beach.
Source: places.info

3. Ujung Genteng Beach

The Ujung Genteng area also has many marine tourism spots, ranging from waterfalls, waterfalls and beaches. Ujung Genteng Beach is included as a famous beach in Sukabumi , but this beach has not been visited by many tourists. Access to this beach can be from Jakarta, Bandung and Banten. When you arrive in Sukabumi, you will go to Surade, from Surade you need about 45 minutes to arrive at Ujung Genteng.

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This beach offers white sand with clear water. Here Kawanjo can see fish, small crabs, starfish, and seaweed scattered on many rocks. For those who want to swim, Kawanjo is expected to be careful because the waves at Ujung Genteng Beach are fairly large.

ujung genteng beach ujung genteng kabupaten sukabumi jawa barat
Ujung Genteng Beach.
Source: linelimit.com

So that’s it Kawanjo, 3 hidden beaches in Sukabumi . Would you like to visit right away? Don’t forget that Kawanjo can get safe and comfortable tour packages to West Java. Have a nice day, Kawanjo !

Hidden beach in indonesia

Sukabumi tourist attractions spot review in this article are : citepus beach sukabumi, karang hawu beach Sukabumi, ujung genteng beach ujung genteng kabupaten sukabumi jawa barat. Only Three hidden beach in indonesia Country from Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province.

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