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Likupang North Sulawesi, Indonesian Tourism Worth Going Global in 2023

Come to Likupang North Sulawesi, a million beauties and surprises are waiting for you.

The Indonesian government has designated five cities as Super Priority Destinations, one of which being Likupang North Sulawesi. As would be expected, Likupang is blessed with stunning natural features. Tourists from all over the world go to Likupang North Sulawesi to experience its unique beauty.

Likupang North Sulawesi is known for its pristine beaches, clear skies, and scenic hills. Access to Likupang is also now being developed by the local authorities.

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Likupang beach is a tourist Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in addition to being an Indonesian Super Priority Destination. Take a look at the Pigijo team’s summary of the most gorgeous and Instagrammable tourist sights in Likupang, North Sulawesi before Kawanjo books flights to Manado for a vacation there.

1. Pulisan Beach

Pesona Likupang, Surga Dunia di Sulawesi Utara, Likupang North Sulawesi
Pulisan Beach at Likupang North Sulawesi.

Kawanjo should definitely spend some time at Pulisan Beach while in Likupang, North Sulawesi as it is one of the most well-known attractions in the area. Pulisan Village in East Likupang District is home to this beautiful stretch of white sand beach. About 50 km separate you from Manado, the closest major city.

Kawanjo can witness the exquisite gradients of the ocean at Pulisan Beach. The water is a tranquil blue, with a pleasant coral relief and open sea vistas. If Kawanjo enjoys scuba diving or snorkeling, this is the place for you.

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But, for Kawanjo who can’t dive or snorkel, you can really enjoy trekking on Pulisan Hill. From this hill, Kawanjo can really enjoy the atmosphere of the beach and sea. It’s really cool!

In addition, Pulisan is home to a magical cave. Ideal for adorning Kawanjo’s social media pages. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets may be seen from Pulisan Beach as well. Pulisan’s northern location on Sulawesi Island means that both the dawn and sunset can be seen from the town.

2. Sampirang Beach

Pesona Likupang, Surga Dunia di Sulawesi Utara, Likupang North Sulawesi
Sampirang Beach at Likupang North Sulawesi.

Apart from Pulisan Beach, Kawanjo can also go to Sampirang Beach. Here, Kawanjo can see white sand with clear water. It is so clear that you can see the seaweed and fish hiding in the reef on this beach.

Kawanjo, from a greater distance, can make out the outline of the hills. You should realize that the view at night will be breathtaking and reminiscent of a picture.

Sampirang Beach still lacks sufficient amenities, so if Kawanjo plans to visit, you should come prepared. Sampirang Beach is still very peaceful, making it ideal for Kawanjo who are looking to unwind.

Sampirang Beach is located in Kalinaun Village, East Likupang District, Likupang, North Sulawesi. This beach is open every day for 24 hours. The entry fee is also very cheap, only IDR 5,000 per person.

3. Paal Beach

Pesona Likupang, Surga Dunia di Sulawesi Utara, Likupang North Sulawesi
Paal Beach at Likupang North Sulawesi

Paal Beach is also one of the famous beaches in Likupang North Sulawesi. There is no doubt about the blue sea water in Likupang. Here, the water is so clear that Kawanjo can enjoy the underwater beauty of Paal Beach.

This beach is located in Marinsow Village, East Likupang District. Paal Beach is also famous for its exotic hills.

In addition, Kawanjo has the ability to pitch a tent on the outskirts of Paal Beach. Camping out to catch a truly unusual dawn is a common activity for travelers.

Several buildings, including places of worship and restrooms, are already in place at Paal Beach. So, Kawanjo may relax; it’s safe to come here and enjoy the beach.

4. Bahoian Ecotourism

Pesona Likupang, Surga Dunia di Sulawesi Utara, Likupang North Sulawesi
Bahoian Ecotourism at Likupang North Sulawesi.

This is one of the Instargamable tourist attractions in Bahoi Village, Likupang North Sulawesi. The environment of this town, home to the world’s most well-known mangrove forest, remained mostly unaltered. Bahoi Village also features several exciting sights for visitors to enjoy.

A suspension bridge provides a great photo op, and Kawanjo can even do some fishing without leaving the bridge. Kawanjo can view more than just mangrove woods in this Bahoi community; in fact, that’s why it’s so well-known.

Kawanjo is able to go snorkeling here because the waters have their own unique allure. The locals are happy to rent out their boats and provide advice on where to go scuba diving.

Apart from that, Kawanjo can also stay in a unique floating house or at a villager’s house. Bahoi Village is located in West Likupang District. The ticket price here is only IDR 5,000.

5. Ganges Island

Pesona Likupang, Surga Dunia di Sulawesi Utara, Likupang North Sulawesi
Ganges Island at Likupang North Sulawesi

Kawanjo, if you want to relax in style on the beach, head to Gangga Island. The region is stunning, and it provides all the necessities, including food, drink, and a comfortable place to sleep.

It’s great to kick back with a young coconut in this area because there are so many coconut trees. If Kawanjo visits this island, you must also try out snorkeling and scuba diving. Kawanjo can experience the incredible variety of marine life surrounding this island during the appropriate seasons.

Kawanjo can also participate in submerged photography. Because the water is so clean, the undersea scenery will appear all the more breathtaking.

6. Lihaga Island

Pesona Likupang, Surga Dunia di Sulawesi Utara, Likupang North Sulawesi
Lihaga Island at Likupang North Sulawesi.

Likupang North Sulawesi is home to the uninhabited island of Lihaga. Kawanjo who are tired of city life would enjoy spending time on this island. The sea and the clean, lovely beaches are a sight to behold.

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So, that was the charm of Likupang, which definitely makes Kawanjo drool wanting to go there. After knowing the beauty of Likupang, now is the time for Kawanjo to take a peek at our exciting tour packages here.

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