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Top 6 Recommended Staycation Areas in Bali!

Vacation or work from Bali? Here are the top six Recommended Staycation Areas in Bali you should visit.

To get the most out of your time in Bali, whether you’re there for business or pleasure, there are a number of great neighborhoods to explore. You should tailor your location choice to the specifics you’re pursuing as well as your financial constraints. You can unwind in any of a variety of natural settings, from the mountains and rice paddies to the ocean and sand. These are six recommended staycation areas in Bali that Kawanjo can use as workation areas also.

For nowadays, not only can you go to Bali for vacation, but you can also do your job there throughout the week. Kawanjo can continue to work from home or any other location where they feel most productive.

1. Canggu

Recommended Staycation Areas in Bali, canggu
Recommended staycation areas in Bali, Canggu has never been the wrong place for a vacation.

Kawanjo’s first recommended staycation area in Bali is Canggu. Because not only does it have a coastline with a gorgeous view of the sunset over rice paddies, but it also has nearly all necessary supporting amenities. Hotels of various price ranges, villas, beachside restaurants and pubs, and exclusive beach clubs are all within reach. Ordering whatever you need for the future is possible. So, there is a discounted rate for groups of friends who like to stay together and work or relax for a period of one month or longer.

Consequently, there’s no need to stress about your next meal because there are plenty of excellent and reasonably priced food booths in the Canggu region. If you’re working at a hotel or villa and becoming bored, you can always head to one of the many trendy cafes in the area. Kawanjo’s staycation and workation experiences are improving.

Spas and massage parlors can be found just about anywhere, should you feel the need for further relaxation. And so are yoga centers. Good news, Kawanjo: you can finally give yourself a break from those tiresome daily rituals. Canggu’s convenient location is an added bonus. It’s fine to go to Seminyak, so let’s head to Kuta; in fact, the only way to get to Sanur is on a motorbike.

Finally, motorbike and car rentals are widely available in Canggu for individuals who choose not to bring a vehicle to Bali. The accommodations themselves might put you in touch with local companies from which you can hire motorcycles and automobiles. The cost is reasonable. That being said, you need not fret.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go to our first recommended staycation area in Bali.

Ideal for: Kawanjo who want to relax or get some work done in a natural setting but still have access to all the amenities they could need without being too far from the action.

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2. Kintamani

Recommended Staycation Areas in Bali, kintamani
Close to Mount Kintamani has cool air that you can enjoy besides Ubud

Our second recommended staycation area in Bali located in the Bangli area, Kintamani’s beautiful weather makes it a great place to spend a staycation or workation. A breath of fresh, cool air from nearby Mount Batur is sure to put Kawanjo at ease. It’s obvious that, in addition to Ubud, Kintamani is a fantastic vacation destination.

Moreover, the region is rapidly becoming the site of numerous emerging tourist attractions. Whether you’re in Kintamani for a staycation or workation, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to socialize, from a cafe with a view of Mount Batur to the Gumitir (Marygold) flower garden. Not as bustling as Canggu, which is closer to the center of town, this region benefits from its elevated plateau setting.

Modern, Instagenic hotels like those found in Canggu, Seminyak, and other neighborhoods of the city should not be expected. Kintamani’s available lodgings feature naturalistic interior design and traditional exterior architecture. As a result, many of the accommodations in this area are constructed from natural materials like wood and bamboo, or feature traditional furnishings and artwork.

Kintamani is great if you’re the type of tourist who values solitude and doesn’t feel compelled to document every moment of your trip on social media. serene, calm, and at ease. Nighttime here, with the spectacular mountain as a backdrop, will be quite lovely.

suitable for: Kawanjo who is looking  for peace and quiet and not into the hectic pace of the city, this is the place for you. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and into the fresh, clean air of the mountains is ideal for unwinding or focusing intently when the brain is exhausted.

Peace and quiet seekers, don’t hesitate to come to this recommended staycation areas in Bali.

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3. Uluwatu

Recommended Staycation Areas in Bali, uluwatu
The view of the waves from the top of the typical Uluwatu cliff is what makes it one of the elite areas in Bali

The third recommended staycation areas in Bali is Uluwatu. Located in the Pecatu area, Uluwatu is known for its steep cliffs and the powerful waves that roll beneath them. Those who enjoy hearing the ocean’s roar as it crashes on the reef might want to plan a vacation or work trip here.

A staycation or workation in this area can be quite rewarding, but it will cost you a pretty penny to do so. The issue is that a large number of both international and domestic tourists flock to Uluwatu since it is considered a premium destination. Thus, hotel costs are similarly high. The logic here is undeniable. Uluwatu’s lodgings are typically perched atop cliffs, which provides for spectacular views, which is the first reason why visitors flock there. The costs of upkeep are therefore not negligible.

You might consider a trip to Uluwatu officially booked if financial resources permit. The soothing sound of the ocean is not something you typically encounter in busy urban areas or in everyday life, so this is a great place to gather your thoughts and those of your companions. The seascape vista from the cliff top is equally breathtaking. The best way to ease the minds and hearts of your fellow soldiers is to take full use of this present moment.

Compared to Canggu, Seminyak, Sanur, or Kuta, Uluwatu is a more peaceful and tranquil option. This spot is perfect for a group of Kawanjo who don’t mind the constant roar of the ocean. Pigijo recommends staying somewhere with a true ocean view, like Dreamsea Uluwatu. Then Kawanjo will have a complete sense of fulfillment.

Suitable for: Kawanjo who like to have a vacation with the feel of the open sea and feel calm while working or relaxing while accompanied by the intense sound of the waves.

Are you excited to go to our third recommended staycation area in Bali?

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4. Seminyak

Recommended Staycation Areas in Bali, seminyak
There are lots of adorable places in Seminyak that always make you miss them

Returning to the city, the next recommended staycation area in Bali. The Seminyak area has everything a group of friends could need for a staycation or workation, so Kawanjo can take advantage of it. Seminyak, like Canggu, has a vibrant atmosphere because to its abundance of eateries, boutiques, and hotels, including Instagenic and five-star options as well as family-friendly villas.

In what ways does it vary from Canggu? Canggu has more visually distracting green rice paddies. Then, Canggu is replete with budget-friendly eateries serving scrumptious food. Canggu is also a popular destination for young people due to its abundance of nightlife options, including beach clubs, beach bars, and Instagram hotspots.

Seminyak, on the other hand, is where you’ll find the most boutiques, trendy eateries, and hip hangouts. If Kawanjo is the type who thrives in crowded places and finds peace even in the din, then Seminyak is an excellent choice for both your vacay and workation.

More than that, Seminyak is conveniently located near all other areas of interest. To get to Kuta, Canggu, or Sanur from Seminyak is a simple detour. You can also view the beach. It’s no secret that Canggu offers some of the best sunsets in Bali, but Seminyak has its fair share of picturesque beaches, too. Seminyak has everything you could possibly need!

Suitable for: Kawanjo who appreciate social gatherings and good food sometimes do so while taking in a breathtaking sunset view at a local club. Seminyak will satisfy the complex spiritual and intellectual demands of your companions as you rest or get some work done.

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5. Ubud

Recommended Staycation Areas in Bali, Ubud
Recommended staycation areas in Bali, Only in Ubud you can stay at a luxury hotel while facing a dense forest

For friends who want to ‘isolate’ themselves in an area full of artistic and cultural values, then friends can staycation or workation in the Ubud area. This recommended staycation areas in Bali is known as one of the areas that is ‘really Bali’ because of its thick pure art, Ubud is also always a pleasure to visit because it has a cool climate, especially at night.

Kawanjo can release any lingering emotional or mental baggage in this place. The fact is that numerous yoga and meditation centers have earned worldwide accreditation in this field. Hence, you can enroll in a course if you feel you’d benefit from it.

Ubud unsurprisingly has a wide variety of places to stay. Yet, there aren’t very many modern-styled options available. There are surprisingly few people of working age. Ubud attracts the type of visitor who seeks solitude and a deeper understanding of Balinese culture. Thus, don’t expect to discover as many vibrant nightlife options as you would in Canggu or Seminyak.

In addition, there are numerous beautiful parks and other green spaces to explore. All the way from the green hills and meadows on the outskirts of town to the verdant tree-lined streets of the city proper. It’s no surprise that numerous luxury hotels and resorts take advantage of the advantageous location provided by these woods. Kawanjo recommended the VIP room with the forest view.

Ubud as one of many recommended staycation areas in Bali is suitable for: Kawanjo who long for quiet, tranquility, fresh air, and plenty of trees and grass. Ubud is the ideal place for friends to go on a staycation or workation if they don’t like crowds and want to see a sophisticated location.

6. Ungasan

Recommended Staycation Areas in Bali, Ungasan
Recommended staycation areas in Bali, If you have more budget, staycation in Ungasan.

The last but not least our final recommended staycation areas in Bali is Ungasan area which is surrounded by panoramic views of the beautiful blue sea. Staycations and workations here are ideal if you’re the type that enjoys taking in panoramic views of the ocean from high up. Nonetheless, the hotel’s remote position makes exploring the surrounding area with companions a challenge.

Those who appreciate trips to the beach will love this place. Friends will be spoiled with beautiful scenery from Green Bowl, Nyang-Nyang, Melasti, Padang-Padang, Tegal Wangi, and Suluban, just a few of Ungasan’s numerous great beaches. Hence, Ungasan is the best option if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation without having to deal with crowds.

Suitable for: Kawanjo who just need a different atmosphere for relaxation or work without having to go to town. In other words, just going to the hotel or playing at the beach is enough!

So, what do you think of our recommended staycation areas in Bali?

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