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6 Activities at Becici Peak in Yogyakarta, President Obama’s Favorite

Puncak Becici in Yogyakarta is the ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

Yogyakarta is breathtaking in any perspective. When you gaze down, all the lights will sparkle and shine. When Kawanjo looked up at the sky, the stars seemed to be approaching you. Becici Peak Yogyakarta is, without a doubt, becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. Especially since Yogyakarta’s natural attractions are now accessible late into the night.

Location of Becici Peak in Yogyakarta

Becici Peak in Yogyakarta
Becici Peak in Yogyakarta

Pinus Becici Peak is a stretch of hills overgrown with pine trees. The Becici Peak tourist attraction is located in the area in Muntuk Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The location is approximately 30 km from downtown Yogyakarta. If Kawanjo departs from Malioboro, the distance from Malioboro to Becici Peak is only 23 km and takes 44 minutes.

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The road to Becici Peak, Yogyakarta

Becici Peak in Yogyakarta
Caption: The Road to Becici Peak in Yogyakarta.

If you’re coming from Yogyakarta, Jalan Imogiri Timur is the quickest route to this Bantul destination. It all kicks off at the Giwangan Terminal in Yogyakarta. To reach the burial site of the late king of the Imogiri, travel south from the main crossroads.

To reach the Mangunan pine forest from the tomb, proceed straight ahead. The signs for “Puncak Becici” can be found by the road.

History of Becici Peak in Yogyakarta

Becici Peak in Yogyakarta
History of Becici Peak in Yogyakarta.

Puncak Becici Bantul, a popular tourist destination located 380 meters above sea level and spanning 4.4 hectares, is still a part of the pine forest administered by RPH Mangunan. At first, this pine grove was tended to for its sap, which was used in the production of turpentine and Gondorukem.

A group of people, over the course of several years, worked to improve the pine forest’s layout near their home. The pine forest at this top has had a number of ornamental supports put in place so that it can attract visitors. To their surprise, their efforts bore fruit. Becici Peak in Yogyakarta is a popular destination for those seeking a scenic day trip. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, took the most spectacular Bantul tour yet in 2017.

It is said that Becici comes from the holy term “Ambeg”, which implies silence. Someone, the story goes, used to sit on a hill to the west of the pine grove and contemplate. The holy man finds rest and relaxation in this spot. If he were to die at some point, he wanted to be laid to rest there.

This saint is revered as the original settler of Munthuk, a small town in the Yogyakarta district of Bantul. And in fact, there are ruins up on Becici Hill that have been widely accepted as the founder’s burial.

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Interesting Activities at Becici Peak in Yogyakarta

Becici Peak in Yogyakarta
Interesting Activities at Becici Peak

A breathtaking sunset can be seen from Becici Peak. The sky begins to darken, creating a swoon-worthy setting. If you climb to the lookout on Becici Peak, Yogyakarta,  you can see the same thing that visitors do. This unusual decoration is fastened to the pine trees. Kawanjo can also observe events from the perimeter fence, the gazebo, or one of the nearby chairs.

If the weather is clear, you can spot Prambanan Temple and Mount Merapi in the distance. It will be quite relaxing and lovely with a gentle breeze carrying the aroma of pine needles.

Apart from enjoying the view at Becici Peak in Yogyakarta Kawanjo can also:

Trekking or Hiking

Becici Peak in Yogyakarta
Trekking or Hiking at Becici Peak in Yogyakarta.

Kawanjo will have to make an ascent due to the building’s elevated position. Kawanjo’s mood can be lifted and your misery banished by taking in the beautiful surroundings as you work out.

After reaching the primary objective, which is Becici Peak in Yogyakarta, you won’t feel as tired or exhausted.

Photo hunting

Don’t forget to frame those happy memories after you’ve taken a lap around the view. Kawanjo can snap photos of the scenery or as many self-portraits as you desire. Because Becici Peak Yogyakarta  is home to some rather intriguing selfie ornaments.

The Pandang Viewpoint, the Mushroom House, the Marsupilami House, the Love Garden, and the hammocks among the pine trees are just a few of the many photo ops available at Becici Peak Yogyakarta. Kawanjo is welcome to utilize all of them without cost to shoot photographs.


Becici Peak in Yogyakarta
Camping at Becici Peak in Yogyakarta.

Kawanjo can go camping at Becici Peak, Yogyakarta, to take advantage of the beautiful weather for an extended period of time. The manager offers tented accommodations for guests. Such as restrooms, changing rooms, and Mushalla.


Need a quick dose of excitement? Take a swing outbound at Becici Peak Yogyakarta. The manager offers a variety of bundles featuring a wide range of games at various pricing points.

The pine forest’s clean air can help alleviate any anxiety you might be having before playing. Plus, the natural splendor of the area.

Jeep Tour

Kawanjo has options for getting around Becici Peak besides just walking. The local Jeep community will accommodate deliveries along the planned route. Costs over and beyond the base fare are proportional to the total distance traveled. Specifically, short, medium, and long journeys.

Family Gathering

Families make up a large portion of the tourists to Becici Peak Yogyakarta. They got together to have a picnic in the open. Fresh air and relaxing vistas make for a great picnic.

Don’t fret if Kawanjo prefers an indoor venue for planned group activities. The Becici Peak Yogyakarta Manager provides a unique space for guests. The event will be made more special by the inclusion of a live musical performance.

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Becici Peak Entrance Ticket

Becici Peak in Yogyakarta
Becici Peak Yogyakarta Entrance Ticket 

It turns out that all the natural charms of Becici Pine Forest Peak can be enjoyed at a very pocket-friendly price. Kawanjo only has to pay Rp5000 to enter the forest area.

Yogyakarta always presents amazing natural attractions. Many areas have beautiful scenery. One of them is Becici Peak in Bantul. Recommended for twilight hunters, seekers of family warmth, or photo hunting for Instagram.

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