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Direct Interaction with Giant Stingrays at Manta Point Labuan Bajo

Manta Point Labuan Bajo is trending in cyberspace, aren't you curious?

Manta Point Labuan Bajo is currently trending in cyberspace. Many netizens are curious about what’s in it. This is because one of the tourist attractions in West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, cannot be missed.

Manta Point is a diving point in the waters of Labuan Bajo. An area famous for the presence of large stingray sharks. The uniqueness makes it one of the best dive sites in the world. There are schools of giant stingrays swimming back and forth between the beautiful corals.

Menyelam di Manta Point Labuan Bajo 
Diving at Manta Point Labuan Bajo

Don’t imagine that a giant stingray named Manta in the waters of Labuan Bajo is a scary predator. This type of endangered marine animal is tame and friendly. So diving at Manta Point is not difficult. Even though Kawanjo is a novice diver.

To be able to snorkel or dive at Manta Point, Kawanjo must rent a boat or join a dive operator. After arriving at the location, Kawanjo will be taken to deep and clear waters. To see manta fish swimming near the surface.

Because Manta rays are very docile and not aggressive, Kawanjo can dive calmly and safely. What’s more, they can be invited to interact. Chat together under the beautiful sea, where the rare Manta rays live.

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Lokasi dan Rute Manta Point Labuan Bajo
Location and Route of Manta Point Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo has become a super premium tourist destination in Indonesia. Various places have become holiday destinations for many travelers. Both from within the country and abroad.

Likewise with the tourist attraction Manta Point Labuan Bajo. This interesting place is located on Komodo Island, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. To get here, it takes about 6 hours from the island of Bali by ferry.

From Pink beach, the famous tourist destination in Labuan Bajo, Manta Point can be reached in about 25 minutes using a wooden boat. From the boat, Kawanjo can enjoy the enchanting natural scenery around. Including the underwater world that can be peeped from the clear water.

Underwater Beauty at Manta Point Labuan Bajo

Keindahan Bawah Laut di Manta Point Labuan Bajo 
Underwater Beauty at Manta Point Labuan Bajo.

This tourist location in East Nusa Tenggara can be used as a snorkeling center. There are various types of marine animals, including the Manta ray species. For diving beginners, this location can also be a place to learn scuba diving. With professionals on standby, Kawanjo can practice easily.

Apart from the movements of marine animals and Manta rays, Kawanjo will be amazed by the beauty of the underwater scenery. Coral reefs are varied, there are various colors and shapes. Kawanjo can also rent an underwater camera to capture unforgettable moments while diving at Manta Point.

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Here is the beauty of Manta Point Labuan Bajo which can be a special attraction:

1. Manta Sighting Spot

Manta rays are a type of marine animal that is endangered. One of the areas that become its habitat is the sea of ??Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Well, at Manta Point Labuan Bajo this is the most appropriate place to witness the beauty of the motion of the Manta fish. They swim together, moving quickly to find food together.

Not only watching, Kawanjo can also touch the stingray’s body. Or caress them by hand directly. If you have the courage, Kawanjo can also feed the giant Manta fish.

2. Underwater scenery

Diving becomes even more fun when you are treated to views that are still very natural. The beauty of colorful coral reefs with a variety of shapes, as if they are the background for a show of animal movements in the sea.

Don’t forget to bring a water camera. If not, there is a rental. This is to capture the moment of swimming in the sea which is rarely encountered when we travel elsewhere.

3. Jellyfish colony

Manta ray food is jellyfish. So it is clear, at Manta Point Labuan Bajo you can also find jellyfish. They walk around in groups, ready to be eaten by Manta rays who also hunt together. Really interesting, right? A school of giant Manta rays tries to catch a colony of jellyfish which are also trying to move fast. Really interesting show.

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Opening Hours and Ticket Prices for Manta Point Labuan Bajo

Jam Buka dan Harga Tiket Manta Point Labuan Bajo
Opening Hours and Ticket Prices for Manta Point Labuan Bajo

For maximum results, come when this tour is open. That is 08.00 to 22.00. Don’t worry about the day, because Manta Point is open from Monday to Sunday

On the other hand, the entrance fee for the Manta Point Labuan Bajo tour is IDR 20,000. Quite affordable when considering the many interesting things that can be a source of happiness.

Manta Point Labuan Bajo is a fun adventure spot. Underwater beauty and the presence of large stingrays make this place one of the best diving destinations in the world. Don’t forget to bring complete diving equipment and be careful during the dives so you can enjoy a more optimal experience at Manta Point.

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